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August 31, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
For over two decades elite athletes, including the U.S. Olympic Hockey Team and many Professional sports teams, trained on a unique speed strength training system, called HydraFitness. From the early 1970's through the late 80's HydraFitness was a popular brand of sports performance training equipment that was well-known for quickly and safely producing explosive power (explosive force). This was evidenced by their many high-profile users and endorsers like Mike Singletary, who played 10-consecutive Pro Bowls, and Larry Gardner, Director of Athletic Trainers for World Cup and Summer Olympics and Former Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins Trainer. It was during their career that HydraFitness machines became one of the most sought after and researched sports performance training methods of its time. Today there's a new brand filling this niche called AeroStrength.

Secret Training Weapon
After the height of HydraFitness's notability in the athletic performance world many of the machines were discontinued. This was due to the company being purchased by Henley Healthcare whose primary focus was in the medical and rehabilitation markets. However, many of those elite athletes that remembered training on HydraFitness have since found AeroStrength for their athletic progeny. They are calling it their "secret training weapon" because so few of their competitors know about it.

The Reawakening
Another form of hydrafitness training called velocity enhanced resistance training, began to emerge in performance training centers called VERT. Many elite athletes like, NBA star Shaquille O'Neal, Olympic Medalist, Holly McPeak, and Lenny Krayzelburg, a 3-time Gold Medalist, trained on velocity enhanced resistance equipment in the VERT gyms. However, it wasn't until 2012 that there was a resurgence of athletes and performance trainers clambering to get their hands on a re-branded HydraFitness machine called Surge 360. The Surge machine especially attracted MMA and UFC trainers and fighters like champions, Mike Pyle and Colleen Schneider.

Since then, there's been a reawakening in the sports performance world that speed strength training on hydraulic resistance equipment can quickly and safely develop explosive force.

Tulsa, No Stranger
Today a Tulsa, Oklahoma company, Fast Fun Fitness, is filling the niche with their brand of HydraFitness equipment called AeroStrength. Several other fitness equipment brands and supply companies also got their start in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Well-known brands like StairMaster, Nautilus, and SciFit were all manufactured in Tulsa; and SciFit is still there. SportSmith and Gymtropolis, both fitness equipment supply companies, are also located in Tulsa.

The decision to move AeroStrength's manufacturing to Tulsa from South Texas, where it had been for 19-years, was made in January of 2019. Founder and president of Fast Fun Fitness, Anita Miller, made the decision to move manufacturing closer to her sales office. Along with that move, Miller, has already begun to manufacture a line of sports performance training machines to meet the needs of athletes and their trainers. She said her decision was prompted by the many inquiries from athletes and trainers that are searching for gravity-free fluid resistance machines like hydrafitness. Many of the older athletes and trainers that call her, have been searching for machines like hydrafitness for their own kids and for those that they train for years.

Train Anywhere With No Electronics
Kerry Bennett, an NFL draftee trainer whose clients include athletes like, Christine Michael, Kevin Pierre-Louis, Trey Williams, Jamal Charles, and Jonas Gray, sought out Fast Fun Fitness for equipment that would fit in his BEAST Bus. Bennett's BEAST Bus brings high-end, top notch training to athletes and teams by offering them an on-site training facility. It's literally a bus that has been transformed into a performance training facility. Hydraulic fitness machines like AeroStrength were a perfect fit because they require no electricity and have a small footprint.

True Maximal Overload At All Joint Angles
AeroStrength utilizes a specially designed hydraulic piston that combines the principles of isotonics and isokinetics and eliminates inertia. The resistance matches the user's speed and force at all joint angles, dynamically adjusting to what the user's muscles are capable of producing throughout the range of movement. As the muscles fatigue, the athlete can still work at 100% of what the muscles are capable of generating at that time.

Exploding Faster
The equipment pushes rapid firing fast twitch muscles, the muscles that fuel an athlete's ability to move quickly and explosively. Users do twenty times more foot pounds of work than conventional weight training in a fraction of the time. This is why you can get impressive results in less time than other training methods.

Explosive power is about moving, jumping, and sprinting and doing it faster than your competitor. For instance, during a basketball tip-off why does one player reach the ball faster than the other when they can both jump the same height? It's because one player reaches peak velocity faster than the other.

The result of velocity enhanced resistance training (speed strength training) on hydraulic machines results in optimal increases in muscular strength, power, speed, and endurance.

Explosive Force , Not The Only Benefit
During intense training periods it's imperative that athletes train in a way to avoid injury. While preparing for an important event even a minor injury can set a player back by weeks or put them out of the game completely. With AeroStrength hydraulic exercise machines an athlete can train like they perform, with speed, and with almost no risk of injury. There is no load on the joints and no tearing of the muscles. The hydraulic piston provides bi-directional dual-concentric resistance and allows the athlete to go all-out without jerky movements and without the delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) that accompanies conventional weight training machines.

Kerry Bennett, founder of the Beast Bus, calls it old school training and more than a few of his contemporaries call it, the secret weapon they don't want anyone to know about.

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