O'Bryan & O'Bryan Law Announces New Website Design to Promote Louisville, Kentucky Practice Open for 54 Years

September 17, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Louisville, Kentucky law firm, O'Bryan & O'Bryan, is excited to announce the launch of a new website. The local law firm has been serving clients legal guidance since 1969 and the partners over 95 years of combined legal experience between them. Now, with a new website, anyone who is looking for legal counsel concerning Bankruptcy, Wills and Estates, Family Law, Elder Law, or Mediation can learn more about how O'Bryan & O'Bryan can assist them. In addition to information about the various types of legal counsel offered at O'Bryan & O'Bryan, the website also features information on the three partners who make up the legal team, a Blog where website visitors can learn more about the nuances of practicing law, and a contact form where visitors can schedule a free consultation.

O'Bryan & O'Bryan is a local law firm that is operated by three partners - George O'Bryan and his two children, Michelle and Paul. The firm has been open for the past 50 years and is the 5th largest family law firm in Louisville, Kentucky according to Louisville Business First. With 95 years of combined experience, the team at O'Bryan & O'Bryan has worked hard to help their clients who are struggling with declaring bankruptcy, need assistance planning wills, or are navigating through estate planning. However, these are just a few of the legal services offered at O'Bryan & O'Bryan. The full list of services offered by the firm includes:

Bankruptcy Counsel
O'Bryan & O'Bryan offers both specialized and individual services in bankruptcy counsel. Depending on the situation of the client, O'Bryan & O'Bryan can help to create a plan to take the proper legal action and assist with filing not only filing bankruptcy but also resolving debt through complete resolution or payment plan set up. The team at O'Bryan & O'Bryan works hard to get matters of bankruptcy, both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, resolved as quickly as possible, so their clients can move forward with their lives and escape the burden of debt.

Estate Planning
Planning an estate is important for anyone with a family and a concern for their financial future. Whether a client is interested in establishing a Last Will, setting up a Living Trust, or writing a Living Will, O'Bryan & O'Bryan can help. The firm guarantees to work with those interested in creating an estate plan that will work for the client's family while they are alive and after their deaths. The team at O'Bryan & O'Bryan has helped plan over 15,000 wills and estates since opening in 1969 and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Divorce and Separation
Every marriage is different which means every divorce or separation is also different. At O'Bryan & O'Bryan, the team has the experience necessary to help couples through every unique circumstance that their clients bring to the table. Couples interested in dissolving their marriage who are in need of legal counsel can get contested or uncontested divorces into the court system through a Petition for Dissolution after an initial consultation. Learn more about the divorce and separation legal counsel that O'Bryan & O'Bryan offers on their website.

Sometimes two parties need a third party that is unbiased to help settle a dispute which is where mediation comes in. Mediation is designed to help both of the disputing parties reach an agreement on all, or most, of the issue at hand. While all decision-making power remains between the parties, the mediator helps both parties identify the issues at hand and encourage joint decision making through alternative settlement options. The time that it takes to mediate an issue completely depends on the issue itself. Some take an hour whereas others can take days. All mediation sessions are confidential and O'Bryan & O'Bryan can help today.

In addition to the services listed above, O'Bryan & O'Bryan can also help with additional Family Law issues such as Protective Orders, Child Support, Custody and Visitation, and Adoption. Anyone interested in learning more about the services offered at O'Bryan & O'Bryan can do so through their new website.

For those interested in learning more about the team that makes up O'Bryan & O'Bryan, the new website features professional profiles of the three partners of the family-run firm. George O'Bryan has been serving his local community through general legal practice offerings for over 50 years. With his half-century of experience, George is able to provide legal assistance in most fields of law. George has spent his entire life in Louisville, Kentucky and has practiced at the same location since starting O'Bryan & O'Bryan. Two of his three children, Michelle and Paul, work with him as partners in the firm. Michelle O'Bryan has been practicing law since 1993 with a focus on bankruptcy and individual's rights under current law while Paul O'Bryan has focused his career on representing those in his community and providing the best legal representation to his clients. Both Michelle and Paul's professional profiles are also available on the new O'Bryan & O'Bryan website.

Another feature of the new website is the O'Bryan & O'Bryan blog. The blog is regularly updated and features more information about the various branches of law O'Bryan & O'Bryan practice. Website visitors can learn more about Adoption, Family Law, Bankruptcy, and laws specific to Louisville, Kentucky.

Those searching for legal counsel can request a free consultation through the website's contact form or by calling (502) 448-8400 today. Finding and retaining an attorney who can meet your legal needs is an important choice to make. At O'Bryan & O'Bryan, the team of attorneys has been exceeding client expectations in Louisville, Kentucky since 1965.

About O'Bryan & O'Bryan
The Louisville law office of O'Bryan & O'Bryan has been in the same location at 4710 Dixie Highway since opening its doors 54 years ago. George O'Bryan has grown the firm from a single-lawyer practice to a family-run business in that time and with his two children, Michelle and Paul, has been able to deliver sound legal counsel to members of the Louisville community for over half a century. With experience in Bankruptcy Law, Family Law, Elder Law, and Mediation, O'Bryan & O'Bryan is able to serve the legal needs of a variety of Louisvillians and is proud to do so. Learn more about O'Bryan & O'Bryan by visiting https://www.oandolaw.com today.

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