BatteryClerk donates to Gift Of Mobility Giveaway

September 17, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
After recently learning of a program aimed at providing refurbished mobility scooters to those who can't afford them, BatteryClerk has donated a selection of mobility scooter replacement batteries to the program. With scooters ranging in price from $4,000 to $40,000, many with disabilities and mobility issues are simply unable to afford them and as a result struggle to move around freely.

BatteryClerk CEO Aric Shelko says "we heard about the program and could appreciate how beneficial it was to those in need. We take for granted the ability to get around easily but those with physical restrictions really rely on electric scooters and wheelchairs just to perform basic activities"

Mobility Scooters not only need to be mechanically sound but also need working batteries to provide power. The Gift of Mobility program repairs broken scooters to make them functional again and BatteryClerk has donated replacement batteries to provide the power to get them running. Since 2009 the Gift of Mobility Program has been refurbishing unwanted scooters and giving them away during the holiday season to those who cannot afford them. To date, they have given away over 600 scooters.

According to the program founder Phil Pavone "I am a cancer survivor who knows firsthand what these chairs mean to people. For those who are disabled these are much more than just a chair…. These are a means of independence, a chance to do normal things."

BatteryClerk spotted the GoFundMe page at which talked about the need for scooter batteries. BatteryClerk has an extensive range of replacement batteries for most major brands of mobility scooters so it seemed to be a great fit. Shelko adds "it was a no-brainer for us. We saw an opportunity to contribute, so we have donated several compatible replacement batteries and look to continue that relationship."

Those with unwanted scooters and wheelchairs around the Connecticut area are encouraged to send them to the program. Alternatively donations to the program can be made on their GoFundMe page.

BatteryClerk makes an effort to keep battery prices as low as possible to make it easier for mobility scooter users to find a replacement. Browse BatteryClerk mobility scooter batteries to find your match.

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