Today Ikebiebooks Announces Publication of "THE AUDACITY OF DESTINY"

September 23, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
A young man survives a brutal war; with lives shattered, destructions everywhere, and scars afresh, he hops on a fantastic ride in search of his destiny.

September 23, 2019 - With THE AUDACITY OF DESTINY, Chuks Ikebie Ndukwe puts his journey of life in perspective, sharing inspiring and sometimes tragic experiences that reshaped his life.

Ahiara Mbaise, Nigeria Summer 1972 finding American newspaper in Ahiara is unimaginable, but not for one man-a war survivor. When Chuks had dinner at his friend's house, he picks up the Boston Globe sent to his friend by his sister who lives in Boston, and finds advertisement inviting applications for admission to the Honeywell Institute of Computer Science in Burlington Massachusetts. And wonders "How?" Earlier in his sixth grade, two American engineers had conducted science demonstration in his class; they invited him to participate in the exhibit and inspired him to pursue engineering. And now, it seems as though America is sending Chuks a message once again as his destiny lurks in the wind.

THE AUDACITY OF DESTINY: Thoughts on Life When the Inner-Power Leads the Way (Ikebiebooks, ISBN: 978-0-9990705-0-5, $12.99)/Autobiography is the inspiring story of one man's journey in pursuit of his illusive reason for being.

Anchored by lived experiences, Chuks unveils the mystery of man's interiority complex and his destiny, providing a rare glimpse into the mechanics of the form of destiny's relationships with man.

About the Author
Chuks I. Ndukwe was once a sought after engineer in the High Tech industry. He graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts and worked for such companies as Codex Corporation, USRobotics, ADC Telecom, and Lucent Technologies where he mentored junior engineers and managed research and development departments.

During his career, Ndukwe demonstrated strategic management skills, and his problem-solving skills earned him "Key Contributor Award" at ADC Telecom, Minnetonka Minnesota. He built a strong team of engineers that performed above expectations-designing such technologies as caller identification, modems, routers, and Internet gateways.

Ndukwe is now retired and lives in Newark, New Jersey where he devotes his time writing to inspire others.

To arrange an interview, please contact Crissaundra Souels, 855-336-7770

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