Investing In The Gold And Silver Market, 20 Videos Published by Physical Gold

September 28, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
In the past few months, there has been widespread fear that the global economy is once again sinking into recession. China is already in the midst of a debt crisis and the country's industrial growth is at a 30 year low. The US-China trade war has only aggravated the situation, along with widespread global impact. The US economy is also slowing down again, while the leading European nations have witnessed significant slumps in their GDP numbers on the back of the uncertainty created by Brexit. The adverse state of the global economy has resulted in a renewed interest in gold and silver.

Physical Gold, a leading precious metals broker in the UK has released a series of 20 videos aimed at educating investors on how to make the right decisions when investing in the gold and silver market. In the videos, investors are taken through a series of masterclasses on precious metal investments. The 5 to 6-minute videos are focused on topics like identifying the right gold bars to buy, investing in gold and silver coins that can deliver good returns and understanding the basics of building a profitable gold and silver portfolio.

We spoke to Daniel Fisher, founder and CEO of the London based company about what the videos are likely to achieve. Daniel said, "Investors need to keep themselves abreast of the sweeping changes that we are witnessing in the current global economy. As part of this series of videos, I have covered important factors that could affect the global economy in the long run. For example, we could be looking at an impending housing market crash in the UK, along with regional adversity in every part of the world. Government debt is at an all-time high in many leading economies. The threat of European uncertainty arising from Brexit, coupled with the following Dollar, Pound and the Euro is steadily exposing investors to currency devaluation risks. Our investment team regularly monitors these key drivers and the sum total of all these factors could severely impact the stability of the international economy. At such times, investors have always turned to gold and silver as a 'safe haven'. We are now seeing renewed interest in the gold and silver markets. However, many investors need to learn more about precious metals investing, and so, we have published these videos in order to educate investors and create a level playing field in the market".

We asked Daniel about the different options that precious metal investors could avail of and he replied, "Physical gold and silver have always been attractive investments, due to their tangibility and their ability to lock in the value. Both precious metals, however, have paper-based options like exchange-traded funds (ETFs). However, investors need to be aware that these carry counterparty risks".

He added, "If the economy crashes and the investment company that sold you the scheme goes out of business, it would be difficult to recover your investments. So, it's a lot safer to park your money in physical holdings of gold and silver. I have specifically covered all these points in detail in the videos for the benefit of investors."

Tax efficiency is an important consideration when making any long-term investment. While all investment-grade gold is VAT exempt in the UK, many people are not aware that VAT free silver investments are also possible. The video 'Silver Bars or Coins Which is the Best Investment?' explains how investors can benefit from VAT (Values Added Tax) and CGT (Capital Gains Tax) exemptions when investing in silver. According to the videos, silver is the biggest area of growth in precious metal investments. The Physical Gold investment team today receives as many enquiries about silver, as they do for gold. The company has therefore released a video called 'Silver Investing in 2019 and Beyond', that discusses the future of the silver market.

Precious metals is a vast subject and investors may often have additional queries after watching the videos. Physical Gold has a team of investment experts in place whom investors can speak to for any kind of guidance. Typical queries that the company receives are related to planning investment horizons, asset allocation of precious metals when building a portfolio and tax planning. This series of 20 videos are expected to fill a much-needed gap in the market for investor education.

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Physical Gold is one of the leading dealers of precious metal products in the market. The London based company has a proven track record and a high rate of customer satisfaction, which makes it one of the most reputed online dealers of gold and silver. It is a family business, registered with the BNTA that has built its reputation in the market, based on trust and knowledge, along with impeccable customer service.

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