"How to Buy Gold" Infographic Revealed by Daniel Fisher of Physical Gold Ltd

October 09, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
An insightful infographic on the gold buying process has been created by Physical Gold Ltd, a reputed precious metals broker based in London. The infographic, titled "How to Buy Gold" is the company's endeavour to educate investors who want to invest in the gold market. The infographic is a pioneering attempt to portray the fundamentals of gold investing visually.

Daniel Fisher, the founder and CEO of Physical Gold commented on the infographic and explained why the company has released the visual guide. He said, "We get many enquiries from potential investors who want to put their money in gold. However, for many, it seems like an insurmountable mountain to climb. Many of these people are overwhelmed by the process. However, the learning curve that we have acquired from our experience in the gold market has convinced us that a little guidance for these investors goes a long way. Hence, we decided to design and release this visual infographic."

We asked Daniel to elaborate on the contents of the infographic and he remarked, "Well, when we created this visual guide with inputs from our investment team at Physical Gold, we naturally assumed that the guide would be followed by a range of investors, including beginners. So, we started with very basic concepts. First of all, we wanted to answer the question that many people ask why invest in gold? The infographic covers 13 important factors that we felt are essential reasons for people to invest in the yellow metal. Many of these, such as stability, liquidity and tax efficiency are reasons that make gold, a 'go-to' investment choice for smart investors."

"We have also covered the different types of gold investments since physical gold isn't the only one. Even if you prefer to hold the asset physically, you need to be aware that apart from coins, bars and jewellery, raw unprocessed nuggets are also an option. Other options that don't include physical gold are gold ETFs and mining shares. Many investors are not aware of all these categories and our infographic sheds light on all of them." Daniel continued to explain.

The infographic also contains an overview of the essential safeguards that an investor needs to be aware of when buying gold. The first one is deciding the right price to buy. Avoiding high premiums is one of the practical strategies covered by the infographic that can help an investor acquire gold at a cheaper price point. Of course, market research and a good relationship with a reputed dealer can help achieve this. Other strategies that the infographic touches upon include using gold to build a diversified portfolio, having a medium to long-term outlook and of course, never incurring debts to buy gold.

There are other practical points covered by the visual guide. Getting insurance for your gold is one of them and opting for secure storage. The infographic also advises investors to discuss their investments with an independent financial advisor, while identifying a reputed dealer to do business with. Daniel elaborated by saying, "Any good dealer worth their salt will offer a buyback guarantee and be transparent in their dealings." He added that a simple way to identify a reputed dealer is to check whether they are listed with a regulatory body like the BNTA.

Investors always benefit from practical advice and the Physical Gold infographic contains an entire section dedicated to explaining the online buying process, using step-by-step visual instructions. Daniel described how five easy to follow steps have been listed in the guide, which involves registering a free account on the Physical Gold website. The most important step is the one that follows, which requires a person to choose a product category, such as gold bars or coins. Specific products can be found within these categories, along with their price tag and descriptions.

The infographic also explains how products can be added to the online shopping cart and the various payment options. From speaking to Daniel, we learned that online security is of paramount importance to reputed gold dealers like Physical Gold. Due to this, the company uses a secure payment gateway with multiple levels of encryption.

According to Daniel, the last section provides an overview of gold storage options, which plays an important role in the safekeeping of gold products. The infographic advises investors to buy a home safe if they choose to store their gold at home. However, Daniel told us that Physical Gold offers a secure vault service that investors can opt for by paying an additional fee.

Daniel summarised the investor-focused document by saying that he hoped it would serve as a valuable guide for buyers in making the right investment decisions.

For more information, please see: https://www.physicalgold.com/insights/how-to-buy-gold

About Physical Gold

Physical Gold Ltd is a reputed London-based gold and silver dealer. They are a well-known online trader and the company's services can be accessed through their website. Physical Gold started its operations in 2008 and was founded by Daniel Fisher. The company is a family business that has won the trust of its customer base over the years and has grown its market reputation through delivering high-quality customer care and sound advice, backed by deep market knowledge. The company is registered with the BNTA and is today one of the fastest-growing precious metal dealerships in the UK.

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Company website: https://www.physicalgold.com
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Telephone: UK +44 (0)020 7060 9992
Contact: Daniel Fisher, Managing Director
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