Bitcoin4Photos Fairly Compensates Artists for Their Work with Bitcoin

October 29, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
For those engaged in the creative arts as their livelihood or even a side gig, the web is both a blessing and a curse. While the internet has allowed artists to share their talents on a larger global scale than ever before, receiving fair compensation for use of their property and intellectual property rights have become a hot topics and can become a headache for those selling their work online. Photographers in particular have been drastically affected by the unfair, uncompensated, or undercompensated proliferation of their work. But one website, Bitcoin4Photos, is out to change that.

Many consumers are likely familiar with stock photo websites. Sites like Shutterstock, Getty Images, and iStock allow consumers to purchase stock photos in one-time purchases or subscription packages. Image creators supply their images to these sites for both exposure and to earn added income. However, while these sites are popular, using them usually comes at a great cost to the artists supplying their work.

Most of the popular stock photo websites pay artists pennies on the dollar each time an image is purchased. Up to 85 percent of an image's purchase price typically goes administrative costs and into the pocket of the company. Many artists also sign away intellectual rights by giving these sites access to their work. And subscription-based packages these sites offer leave creators even worse off when it comes to fair compensation.

Bitcoin4Photos is a new stock photo concept that is looking to change the way that artists share their work and get fairly compensated for it. Recognizing how unfair the current market is for artists, the site is looking to fill an important niche by celebrating and recognizing artistic license, intellectual property rights, and fair compensation for artists across the globe.

The site allows artists and consumers to buy and sell photos using the Bitcoin Lightning Network and Blockstack technology while retaining control over their images. For those not familiar with this technology, Blockstack is a new type of internet that allows users access to decentralized apps that allow them to maintain their data, privacy, security, and freedom via the Blockstack browser. Photos purchased or loaded onto the server to sell are encrypted and stored on the decentralized server.

For those looking to sell their photos on Bitcoin4Photos, the service is free. As artists sell images, money is deposited into their account, and as soon as a positive balance is accrued, funds can be withdrawn via the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Similarly, those looking to purchase photos can do so via the Lightning Network, which requires setting up a safe and secure digital wallet that supports lightning payments and by purchasing a portion of Bitcoin. Because there are no administration fees, photos on Bitcoin4Photos often sell for far less compared to other stock photos sites while artists still make more money on their sales.

"We are excited to be able to offer this innovative photo sharing platform that celebrates artists by fairly compensating them for their work," said Thiago M. "Both the consumer and artist win, as artists get to keep more of their hard-earned money while consumers save on stock photos thanks to our innovative concept and cutting-edge payment network."

To learn more about Bitcoin4Photos or to buy or sell photos on the platform, visit

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