Jacksonville, FL Author Publishes Black Superhero Comic Book

October 31, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Introducing the Black Superheroes: Roy and His Flying Car, Vol. 1, a new book by Tangela Floyd, was released by YM Comics.

Tangela Floyd's Introducing the Black Superheroes series presents captivating African descent stories of black superhero characters and legends. "Roy and His Flying Car" is volume 1. The main character, Roy, lives in Orange County, Florida. He is a genius mechanic, master of technology, and brilliant scientist. Roy creates a superhero car which is fast, collision proof, and can fly. The car can be manipulated in size and shape, and allows Roy to manipulate his own body in size and shape when he is inside the car.

SERIES DESCRIPTION: In the 1930s, the federal government saw that the African American Ex-slaves were dying off. The government wanted to document firsthand accounts of slavery. So in 1935, the U.S. Government created the Federal Writers' Project (FWP) to record the oral histories of African American Ex-slaves. Zora Neale Hurston (a well-known female African American poet and author) was appointed the "Supervisor" for the "Negro Unit" of the Florida Division of the FWP. The Negro Unit was located in Jacksonville, Florida, at the Clara White Mission on Ashley Street. Hurston was instrumental in collecting many of the slave narratives. Folklorist and author, William Stetson Kennedy, served as Director of Ethnic Studies for the Florida Project. The Library of Congress American Ex-Slaves' archives gathered by the FWP during the 1930s, include collections of African American superheroes and legends. These superheroes used strength, intelligence, and endurance to accomplish unexpected results.

About the Author:
Tangela Floyd is formerly a pricing and profitability manager for CHF, the mortgage subsidiary of JPMorganChase. She is currently the executive director for Young Minds Building Success, Inc. She is author of the comic book series: "Introducing the Black Superheroes". Tangela is also author of "Can I Speak", "Eve of a New Nation", and the children's book "Jump Manya". Tangela is a poet, storyteller, and lecturer. She has performed across North America, Europe, and Africa.

Contact Information:
Tangela Floyd
YMComics, division of Young Minds Building Success, Inc.
4800 North Main Street
Jacksonville, FL 32206

Books may be purchased online at www.ymcomics.com
BY MAIL: If paying by check, please make all checks payable to: Young Minds Building Success, Inc. In addition, please mail all checks to: 4800 North Main Street, Jacksonville, FL 32206.
BY PHONE: To order by phone, call 904-635-6167
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