NeuraBoot – the First Ever Gamified Emotional Support and Self-Care App – Available for iOS on the App Store

November 05, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
According to a Thrive Global survey, 91% of Americans say ignoring or not knowing their warning signs of overstressing has had a negative impact on their mental well-being, while nearly 75% of respondents said they wish they knew of more small everyday steps to improve their mental well-being. Teaching and cultivating those small daily steps are the premise of a new app called NeuraBoot. With NeuraBoot, a person can begin to cultivate new habits of wellness, self-care, and emotional strength through a unique gamification interface. It is available now for iOS on the App Store, produced by Sun Productions, LLC.

NeuraBoot has identified five things necessary for a strong mind and full heart: Fuel, Energy Release, Awareness, Connections, and Challenge. With NeuraBoot, users will take positive daily actions to replace anxiousness, sadness, and anger, with self-worth, compassion, and focus. Over time, the personalized, gamified small steps will help to reboot the mind and reprogram thought patterns and behaviors.

The first step in NeuraBoot is for the user to log their moods, using a dual slider to track positive/negative and intensity. The app responds to negative emotional states by suggesting fun, easy action steps that will help them feel better fast. By using the action steps consistently over time, users will build coping skills and establish new thought patterns. It also includes a unique notification feature to alert the user's support system when they're in need of help and connection. NeuraBoot is the only mood awareness and coaching app to incorporate a user's support system into their emotional growth. With NeuraBoot, users can keep their support system in the loop as to how they are feeling and when they need encouragement. NeuraBoot also provides crisis links if the mood scale indicates intense negative emotions.

"As society has advanced, our emotional needs have not always caught up with our fast pace and electronic dependence," says the founders of NeuraBoot. "Decades ago, these needs were more easily met, simply by our lifestyle. Today, we must purposefully build them back in. The NeuraBoot app helps you do just that, by increasing your self-awareness, building connections, and giving you on-demand fun ways to strengthen your mind and fill your heart."

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NeuraBoot is emotional coaching designed to help users develop awareness and emotional strength. NeuraBoot does not diagnose or treat medical or health conditions and does not provide medical advice.

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