Preventing Montezuma’s Revenge Subject of free Special Report

February 20, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
CABO SAN LUCAS, Mexico (02/20/06) – Preventing the dreaded Montezuma’s Revenge is the subject of a free Special Report just released by TrueStar Publishing.

“It’s not the most pleasant subject, but it’s on the mind of just about anyone who travels to Mexico or other Third World Countries,” says writer James Truett, a former Associated Press reporter. “We researched methods that have worked for other people plus the latest treatments based on studies, and put it all together in 15 pages.”

The Special Report, called “Taming Montezuma Before He Puts You On The Run” is available for free download at:

Truett, who also wrote the book “50 Things You Must Know Before You Travel to Mexico,” says with treatment and prevention methods available now, there’s no reason for anyone’s vacation to be ruined by a bout with Montezuma’s Revenge, euphemistally called Travelers Diarrhea.

“It used to be that foreign travelers had to be extremely careful what they ate – no salads, everything cooked to the max, bottled water or soft drinks only,” says Truett. “Now, using the right preventative measures along with some common sense, one can enjoy the wonderful cuisine Mexico and other countries have to offer, and not a case of the “runs”.”

Contrary to popular belief, Montezuma’s Revenge is not a result of just drinking contaminated water, Truett says. It’s not restricted just to Third World countries, either. Many people experience travelers diarrhea upon returning to the U.S. or other First World countries after extended travels.

The illness results when your body tries to re-balance itself in relation to new surroundings and different strains of some of the same bacteria that exist everywhere. The bacteria enter your body not only through water, but through food and even the air.

Another common misconception is that Montezuma’s Revenge comes from eating in non-sanitary conditions. While it’s true that one can contract a number of unpleasant maladies by eating in poorly sanitized conditions in any country, it’s still possible to pickup the bacteria in even the fanciest restaurants.

“It’s all about encountering different strains of bacteria that set off your body’s defense system. Your body initially reacts to the unfamiliar bacteria as it does to an infection and attempts to flush them out.”

The Special Report includes several methods used successfully by travelers along with information on a recent study that found a preventative method that decreased the chance of acquiring Montezuma’s Revenge significantly.

To download a copy of the report, go to:

For information on Truett’s book, “50 Things You Must Know Before You Travel To Mexico,” with vital information for anyone planning to travel to, live in or retire in Mexico, go to:

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