Kat Florence acquires fabulous collection of Zultanite gemstones

November 21, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Ankara/Turkey - International Jeweler Kat Florence teamed up with Provenance Gems USA to acquire the exquisite Zultanite collection from the mine owner Zultgems.

After a three year struggle trying to relocate a lost Zultanite® vein in Turkey's Anatolian Mountains, with no success, the mine owners decided to sell their private collection of the finest Zultanite gems discovered over the last 10 years. Their intent is to raise new capital needed for a future dig to reach the lost vein.

Kat Florence is recognized for selling a 105 carat World Record Zultanite® on June 12, 2016. While Kat Florence acquired the selection of larger size pieces of the Zultanite® collection, Provenance Gems, who has retail locations throughout the USA and Caribbean, secured the medium fine quality sizes pieces from the prestigious treasure.

Naturally precious Zultanite® is an exciting color changing, internationally recognized indicator for high quality gems and jewelry. Beautiful, rare and natural, Zultanite® products are sorted and cut using proprietary techniques and extremely high quality control standards to obtain their unique clarity, brilliance and phenomenal color-changing properties

that naturally shifts colors from Kiwi Green to Raspberry Reds in different light. This elegant play of colours has taken the celebrity market by storm. Zultanite® is stated to be ten thousand times rarer than Diamond and is found at 5,000 feet of the Anatolia Mountains of Turkey.

The Zultgem Collection will be the finest and largest Zultanites ever sold. Each gemstone will have its own certification and be laser inscribed by the mine owner to retain the provenance of the finest and rarest Zultanites® in circulation.

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