The Frauxmagerie on Georgian Bay partners With Gourmet Foods International to satisfy plant-based cheese demand in the USA and Mexico

November 25, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Plant-based diets are revolutionizing the future of food and are gaining popularity amongst populations of all ages. With the rise of plant-based dieters, comes a rise in the demand of plant-based alternatives to popular foods like meats and cheeses. The Frauxmagerie on Georgian Bay, located in Meaford Ontario, is a company dedicated to producing 100% plant-based cheeses.

The founder and CEO of The Frauxmagerie, Marie-Catherine Marsot, created the company after following a plant-based diet herself. Realizing the lack of diversity in the vegan cheese department at the grocery store, Mrs. Marsot took on the challenge to create a line of handcrafted, preservative free, soy free and cruelty free cheeses. They are VegeCert certified vegan as well as certified Gluten-Free by the Canadian Celiac Association. What started out as a small local plant-based cheese business, has now become the leader in the creation of plant-based cheeses around the world. The full collection of cheeses, named frauxmages, includes two different categories: The Botanic Fresh Line and The Botanic Aged Line for a total of 8 dairy-free products.

The Frauxmagerie takes pride in their low impact on the environment. From the farm to your plate, the effects of the frauxmages are far less than that of a dairy-based cheese. It is no surprise that the earth has sustained many natural and anthropogenic disasters over the course of a few months like the fires in the amazon forest and the flooding in Venice. A major source of pollution and a driver of global warming is the dairy-industry due to the grazing of forests to produce land for cattle and because of the enormous amounts of methane being released into the atmosphere. Plant-base diets are proving to be more sustainable for the planet because they require less water and produce less greenhouse gases compared to a carnivorous diet. Dairy-free alternatives and plant-based products like the Frauxmagerie's cheeses are the future of food.

The demand for dairy-free alternatives has skyrocketed in the past few years which has led to rapid expansion for The Frauxmagerie. From moving to a bigger warehouse, to growing its list of retailers in Canada, the Frauxmagerie has seen nothing but growth and has no intentions of stopping. Recently, The Frauxmagerie has partnered with Gourmet Foods International. GFI Foods specializes in the distribution of dairy-based cheeses but has now begun the shift towards dairy-free substitutions and will now distribute The Frauxmagerie's cheeses in retailers and restaurants across the United-States and Mexico. This partnership has quadrupled production for The Frauxmagerie. From producing around six thousand cheeses per month, the company will now attempt to produce over thirty thousand cheeses per month in order to comply with the increase of requests. As their next venture, the Frauxmagerie will begin exportation in European countries beginning in 2020.

The Frauxmagerie is becoming a world-renowned name in the plant-based community by producing healthy and natural vegan cheeses. Not only is the company striving to encourage individuals to switch to plant-based diets and maintain a more sustainable lifestyle, but it is also empowering young woman like Marie-Catherine Marsot to create their own company and become successful founders and CEOs.

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