Easily Find Experienced, Trustworthy Childcare with New App NannyHunt – Available on the App Store and Google Play

November 26, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
It goes without saying that there's nothing more precious and important to a person than their child. But with busy lives and job pressures, finding trustworthy and experienced childcare is a huge challenge for many parents. Luckily there's the new app NannyHunt which leverages social media technology to help parents identify and connect with sitters and nannies who have already been personally employed and rated by a parent's friends and relations. Think of it as LinkedIn for babysitters. NannyHunt was created by Kristin Nevin and is available free for iOS and Android on the App Store and Google Play.

NannyHunt makes it simple to find a new child caretaker whether it's a part-time sitter or a full-time nanny. Parents can also find last-minute sitters for date nights, or backup care when life becomes hectic. The ingenious app utilizes a parent (or nanny's) social media network to find skilled, experienced childcare providers who are personally recommended by trusted friends and relations - and with 2nd-degree connections, their friends' friends. Unlike other childcare apps, you can quickly search by location, review results of nannies closest to your location and send a job posting directly to your top candidate(s). By providing the option to keep transactions cashless and electronic, NannyHunt even eliminates that awkward time when it's time to pull out the wallet and pay the sitter at the end of the job.

With NannyHunt, busy parents can save valuable time in deciding whether they would like to hire a prospective new sitter. They will know the person's work history and how they've performed in the past through honest reviews and ratings. Parents are also rated within the app, to create a transparent and secure environment for everyone involved

"Finding a new sitter or nanny is perhaps one of the most under-recognized stressful challenges of parenting," explains NannyHunt developer Kristin Nevin. "It's both very time consuming and anxiety-producing because there's a leap of faith in literally leaving your child in the hands of a stranger. For people living in wider rural areas or even sometimes isolated urban neighborhoods, just finding experienced caregivers is a tough job in itself. NannyHunt is here to help!"

Take a (small) bit of stress out of raising children and download NannyHunt today, free on the App Store and Google Play!

Note: NannyHunt does not provide or employ nannies or babysitters. All childcare providers on the NannyHunt network are independent contractors.

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