Kat Florence secures just enough D Flawless Diamonds to complete her 2019 collections

November 28, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
The drop of supply for D Flawless Diamonds by fifty percent in 2019, lead celebrity designer Kat Florence to the realization that supply shortage for the perfect Diamonds used on all her collections and designs is an important issue that may endanger the future development of her masterpieces, being a widely known fact that only D Flawless Diamonds are used in her creations.

As a solution, she asked renowned Gem Hunter Don Kogen, her long-term guide into the closed world of exotic and rare gems, to visit South Africa and Botswana, to secure the world's most perfect Diamond in rough form, in an attempt to secure enough diamonds to complete her 2019 collections.

As D color Flawless clarity Diamond is the perfect variety of Diamonds that represent less then 1% of the finest white Diamonds ever used in jewelry across the world, there is just not enough quantity being discovered annually to keep up with market requirements, the only option available was to try and gain access to Diamonds that have been mined many years ago and kept in the actual miners reserves.

Unfortunately, the shortage of the perfect Diamond supply will, this year, limit the D Flawless Diamond collection that Kat Florence releases. Due to this supply challenge, many of the creations released by Kat Florence in her 2019 D Flawless collection will be unique masterpieces, with designs that will have to be discontinued for following years.

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