Kat Florence acquires rare antique 55.66-carat Colombian Emerald found in Italy by the extreme Gem Hunter Don Kogen

December 03, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
During the late 90's Kogen was commissioned to review the quality of the precious Emeralds and Sapphires set within the 17th century necklace of St. Januarius, created by Michele Dato, located at Naples Cathedral in Italy. At that time Kogen saw several fine Antique Emeralds that were transported to Spain from Colombia during the Spanish conquests of the 16th century. The Emeralds were brought to Italy from Spain to be primarily used for religious ceremonial events.

When the 18.04 carat Rockefeller Emerald hit, at auction, a new world record of $305,000 per carat on June 2017, breaking the previous record set by the Elizabeth Taylor's Emerald brooch that sold for $280,000 per carat 6 years earlier, Kogen decided it was time to head back to Italy and try and track down that fine 55 carat Emerald he saw two decades earlier.

Finally, after a tedious 3 year search, Kogen found one of the most important Emeralds to date: a 55.66 carat unoiled top colour gem. Due to its rarity Kat Florence immediately named this spectacular gemstone the "Florence Eternal".

The Florence Eternal Emerald is remarkable as it dates back to the old Muzo Colombian mines active hundreds of years ago, that produced the finest green Emerald specimens in the world. Kogen states if you were to actually recut the stone you would get a clean 20-25 carat stone that would rival the 18 carat Rockefeller Emerald that sold for $5.5 Million (World Record $305,000 per carat).

The Florence Eternal Emerald was certified by the independent Swiss Gemological laboratory SSEF of Basel and was also offered a special report by Dr. Adolf Peretti at GRS Swiss Lab of Meggen, both certifications deciding that the Florence Eternal is a top Muzo Green Emerald, granting it the extremely rare certification of unoiled Muzo Green Columbian Emerald as well.

Internationally acclaimed designer Kat Florence will set the Emerald in her own design surrounded with D Flawless Diamonds, before the piece will head to auction to be sold to the world's most elite gemstone collectors.

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