Novihum, Vision and review!

December 10, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Uncertain weather patterns, new regulations, changing consumer habits: these are the new challenges for farmers. We are proud how our soil enhancement product NOVIHUM is helping our customers to sustainably improving their land while increasing yields and enhancing the quality of their crops.

We are happy to have developed such a gamechanger for the agricultural and horticultural markets. Especially under stress conditions, like the last years' draughts, our results are convincing. Just to name a few:

Strawberries with NOVIHUM:
22% higher yield (Spain)

Romain lettuce with NOVIHUM:
70% higher yield (Texas, USA under drought and stress conditions)
16% higher yield (Spain)

Wine with NOVIHUM:
48% higher yield, Merlot, first crop year (USA)
20% higher yield, Chardonnay, first crop year (USA)

No wonder that we in 2019 sold over three times more NOVIHUM than the previous year.

With the application of NOVIHUM it is possible to excel the optimal humus content for any soil type especially in soils "tired" due to intensive agriculture or low in organic matter. This leads to increased retention properties and improves the water and nutrient uptake by plants. NOVIHUM users are already reducing the application rate of mineral nitrogen, while keeping yield levels. Novihum thus contributes to climate adaptation, climate protection and the protection of groundwater against nitrate leaching.

There are many more acres of land waiting to be improved with our high-value humus products so that more and better strawberries, potatoes, lemons, etc. can be harvested while improving soil health. We therefore change gear now. We enter the hot phase.

Next year we will

launch new products, for instance: Liquid NOVIHUM; NOVIHUM mixed with other biostimulants

continue to grow our market presence in Germany, Iberia and USA

progress our expansion plans so that in two years we can increase production capacity by ten times

expand our team of talented and innovative employees

In short, 2020 will be a great year for both Novihum Technologies and our customers.

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