The Most Addictive Game of 2019 – Solitaire Time Warp – Available now on the App Store and Google Play

December 21, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The card game solitaire is the world's most popular computer game in history. But it has a much longer lineage than just its digital form. In fact, many claim that Napoleon was an enthusiast while exiled on the island St. Helen. Today, there are almost infinite variations of the game, but now it has taken a 21st Century evolutionary leap with Solitaire Time Warp, a new app poised to become the hottest game of the year. Solitaire Time Warp was developed by Sto Co., and is available free from iOS on the App Store, Android on Google Play and for Kindle on Amazon. The game can be played by logging in through Facebook for ease of use.

Solitaire Time Warp combines both the addictive fun of solitaire with elements of action, adventure, strategy, and humor. Joined by a mischievous and sarcastic kitty cat companion, the player must conquer hundreds of levels spanning multiple worlds all while searching for special items that will help complete their solitaire hand. Beginning in Ancient Egypt the player will explore tombs and pyramids before reaching a portal and taken to the Lost City of Atlantis where the challenges of this underwater world await. The next portal leads to the Ancient Orient with its impressive architecture and wondrous natural beauty, but the only way to know what's through the next portal is to keep playing!

One of the most original aspects of the new Solitaire Time Warp app is the way it cleverly blends cards with action and explosive animations. Players have to keep alert as they face down obstacles such as locks, bombs and card eaters. They can go on treasure hunts for special cards such as wilds and plus-five cards while collecting powers that help them pass levels with ease. The game also incorporates a coin element and players can earn stars to unlock even more content. There are bonus games, daily and hourly bonuses, special quests, and tournaments against other players, making Solitaire Time Warp hard to put down.

"We've taken the somewhat static concept of solitaire and turned it into a highly addictive game that both card players and action gamers will love," said Danny Stokes of Sto Co. "With literally hundreds of uniquely challenging levels, Solitaire Time Warp will continue to hook players again and again. Plus, we are continuing to develop new worlds to explore and are really excited about what's coming next." Sample the apex of solitaire now with Solitaire Time Warp available on the App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon for kindle or visit for more details and updates.

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