Embin Technologies launches Maximum Demand Controller – EMD02/04/08

February 22, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Demand Monitoring is necessary:
Industrial electrical power users often have to pay a maximum demand charge in addition to the usual charge for the number of units consumed. This charge is usually based on the highest amount of power used during some period (say 30 minutes) during the metering month. The maximum demand charge often represents a large portion of the total bill and may be based on only one isolated 30-minute episode of high power use. Monitoring power use and turning off or reducing nonessential loads during such periods of high power use can realize considerable savings. To keep the minimum cost per unit of utilized, the maximum demand reached should be minimum. Vigilant Monitoring helps to keep the demand within the limit prescribed by the electricity authorities and so avoids disconnection. Helps to maintain power factor. For a fixed load, the power factor also must be fixed one. If Demand varies due to voltage variations or failure of capacitor banks, demand monitoring gives the indication and avoids penalty on low factor.

Connecting the Instrument in Power Line
1. The Instrument can be connected in LT side of EB Supply. Three Phase current and voltage signals are taken from the CT and PT of the feeder.
2. An Electric Bell can be connected with the instrument to get the alarm signal. The Tripping coil of the contractor or portion of the load can be connected to trip relay. This load will be tripped to bring down the demand level.

1. Advanced micro controller technology.
2. Display of rms voltage, current, average & instantaneous demand at a time.
3. Integration time 30/15 min as per requirement.
4. Adjustable ON delay.
5. Password protection for setting.
6. Step less MD setting up to 500 KVA.
7. Programmable CT ratio.
8. Potential free contacts for tripping different loads.
9. Buzzer/Hooter indication for %MD crossed.
10. Record of maximum MD achieved.

1. Actual Demand in usage is close to the contracted Demand.
2. The actual Maximum Demand can be reduced, saving considerable Electricity charges.
3. A Positive method to ensure that Maximum Demand never exceeds the contracted demand.
4. When Actual Demand in use and contracted demand are close, M.D. Controller avoids risk of crossing the limits and penalties and disconnection.
5. Maximum utilization of demand result of these savings the payback period is low.

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