Train Your Brain! Exercise Your Mind with Brain Puzzles and Memory Games in MoneyBall – Available for iOS and Android Devices

December 25, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
There are a ton of memory and brain focused apps available for smartphone devices, but now for the first time ever a new app has launched that allows players to train their brain and exercise their mind with mind-bending brain puzzles and memory games! The app is called MoneyBall and is available exclusively for iOS and Android devices. MoneyBall is free to download with free unlimited play access. Membership features and in-app purchase options are offered to improve your skills and better your chances of mastering the challenge. Produced by $BALL, LLC.

With the motto, "Invest in Your Mind," MoneyBall is the ultimate mental fitness app on the market and the only one that helps inspire creativity and strategic mental skills that are essential in everyday life. Your mind is the key to success. Complete game levels and stack your chips to compete against friends or other players in head to head matches and tournament-style play modes. Game play is simple…remember the sequence, re-enter the sequence, and beat the time. MoneyBall, the ultimate mind tease!

Elevating itself from other memory games, MoneyBall is intuitive, easy to learn, and optimized to bring exceptional mobile gaming experience to its users. Join the Royal Flush Club, available in in-app purchases, to become a VIP Player and gain full app access. Upgrade your account to chance your chips and compete against other players in real-time play, communicate and strategize through the direct messaging component, and rank yourself on the leaderboard to compare accomplishments among the best in the game. It's up to you to accept the challenge.

With its simple gameplay and captivating game elements, MoneyBall is a great game for all ages. Give your brain a workout whenever you want, wherever you want, and as often as you want! MoneyBall, the hottest new app in mobile gaming.

"MoneyBall is the ultimate mind game," says CEO Justin Donahoo. "The opportunity to test your skills and exercise your mind is what entices people. Add a challenging element in the mix and the true competitiveness comes out. You are in control of your own success, it's a true game of skill and that is what we love about it."

Sharpen the synapses and exercise your mind now! Download MoneyBall on the App Store, Google Play, or at the website,

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