Ninth Circuit Denies Malwarebytes' Petition for Rehearing - Court Rules Enigma Software can Proceed with its Lawsuit Against Malwarebytes for Anticompetitive Practices

January 03, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
San Francisco, CA, January 3, 2020 − The Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has denied Malwarebytes' Petition for Rehearing and Rehearing en banc and ordered that Enigma Software's lawsuit against Malwarebytes for anticompetitive, unfair trade practices can proceed in the District Court for the Northern District of California. The Ninth Circuit Court also ordered that no further petitions for rehearing or rehearing en banc will be entertained by the Court. For the Court's Opinion, go to and

Malwarebytes had previously filed its Petition for Rehearing and Rehearing en banc in response to the Ninth Circuit's ruling in favor of Enigma Software in the appeal of its lawsuit against Malwarebytes − and the Ninth Circuit's ruling that Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is "not limitless" as claimed by Malwarebytes. For the Court's prior Opinion, go to In its newly issued Order and Opinion, the Ninth Circuit effectively confirmed its previous rejection of Malwarebytes' position that Malwarebytes could unilaterally decide to block any software it wanted for any reason it chose, without ever having to account to anyone for the harm it causes or for practices that violate anticompetition laws.

As previously noted in other publications and its suit, Enigma Software originally filed its lawsuit against Malwarebytes based on Malwarebytes' anticompetitive, unfair trade practices of blocking Enigma Software's SpyHunter, an award-winning, independently tested, certified anti-malware program that has protected millions of users from cybersecurity threats worldwide. As set forth in the allegations of the lawsuit, Malwarebytes targeted Enigma Software precisely because Enigma Software is a successful competitor whose safe and effective anti-malware tool is popular with users. As also described at length in the lawsuit, Malwarebytes' anticompetitive blocking practices have specifically harmed consumers by depriving them of the right to use the security software of their choice, as well as the right to choose to have multiple layers of anti-malware protection on their devices to better protect against ever-increasing malware risks and cybersecurity threats.

To see the video of the Oral Argument of the case before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, go to

To see the Opening Legal Brief filed by Enigma Software, go to

About EnigmaSoftware/EnigmaSoft Ltd

Enigma Software Group USA, LLC was the original producer of SpyHunter 4 (which is the subject of the litigation) and is an affiliated company to EnigmaSoft Limited. EnigmaSoft Limited is a privately held Irish company with offices and global headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. EnigmaSoft is best known for developing and distributing SpyHunter 5, an anti-malware software product and service. SpyHunter 5 detects and removes malware, enhances Internet privacy, and eliminates security threats addressing issues such as malware, ransomware, trojans, rogue anti-spyware, and other malicious security threats affecting millions of PC users on the web. SpyHunter 5 has scored top grades in testing by independent third-party testing labs such as AV-TEST. SpyHunter 5 has also been certified by AppEsteem, Checkmark Certified and TRUSTe.

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