Finally!!! There is an Alternative to the Internet…..

February 22, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
NetAlter is a radically superior System and Method which will offer, “Safe and Smart surfing environment”, “Super Fast Intelligent Deep Wide P2P Search”, “Robust protection against Virus and Piracy”, “GRID Supercomputing for every desktop”, “Active Collaboration”, “Protected Peer-to-Peer Personal Network” and more.

Users of applications based on NetAlter system will be able to download software, share files and information, create personal network and conduct online business without having to worry about surfing speed, junk information, unwanted advertisements, piracy, virus, spam and the myriad other issues that presently plague the internet.

Following are some of the features that NetAlter will offer over the current Internet:


Present Internet is highly unorganized, read-only system where there are heterogeneous identities, standards and application interfaces resulting in frustration for the average internet user.

The NetAlter System offers a unified, user friendly visual interface based on standardized core browser technology, which can be customized to end-user requirement.

The NetAlter browser offers all-in-one functionality such as Multi Role (NetAlter Active, NetAlter Developer, NetAlter Service Provider, NetAlter Subscriber), Multi User, Multi tasking, Multi Language, support to Multi Collaboration and Sharing, Multiple Communication Channels (TCPIP/HTTP/Wireless, etc), Multi Platform and a variety of Styles, etc.

NetAlter will have a central controlling authority that coordinates the activity of certified channel nodes, to ensure that the Information provided by Individuals and organizations is verifiable, uniquely identified and organized.

A salient feature of NetAlter is its “Always Connected” mode which automatically switches to an alternate communication channel, when you’re disconnected from the Internet.

NetAlter also offers end-users, the ability to customize their browser container; giving them the option to block unwanted advertisements and display only selected advertisement channels.

The data on NetAlter is organized on the basis of semantic web which provides, an intelligent organization of data based on a vertical as well as horizontal hierarchical classification.

This enables the NetAlter Browser to make available an active explorer that lists the current as well as new source of data in a vertical and horizontal organization, and is easily located and precisely searchable.

Domain names registration and associated litigation is history in the NetAlter System.

When a company releases their products and services on NetAlter, they are automatically placed under relevant classification, publicly broadcasted and easily accessible.

NetAlter provides a user friendly, wizard based interface using which, NetAlter subscribers can select the application or service of their choice at the time of setup.

Akin to adding and removing programs in an operating system, users can easily subscribe or unsubscribe to applications and services at any given point of time.

NetAlter adheres to the service oriented application architecture (SOA).


Present Internet has become a heaven for spreading virus, illegal copying of software, music and information. End Users are also concerned about their privacy and security of personal information.

NetAlter is based on technology that is free from current Internet viruses and security vulnerabilities and offers comprehensive protection for Intellectual Property.

Each new service or product, published and distributed on NetAlter, is protected using a highly secured and encrypted unique Package or Product Key. Once a product or service is approved, certified and distributed on NetAlter, there is no scope for duplication of the same.

NetAlter also provides a centralized inventory of products and services and auditing of their usage pattern.


Present Internet Search gives you very few options for obtaining a detailed or precise search result and indexes only about 30-40% of available information.

NetAlter Search will be Super Fast, Powerful and Visually Appealing; delivering surgically precise results.

It enables deep search of not just published content but also those available on local computers, private domains, intranets, databases, etc by enabling artificial intelligence (AI), GRID Supercomputing, P2P and several other cutting edge technologies.

Users will have multiple advanced search options synchronized with an active explorer based on a detailed Ontology and Taxonomy hierarchical classification.

A salient feature of NetAlter Search is that if offers a period wise, geographical location wise, domains wise and field specific search with options to segregate search results on the basis of new or modified as well as archived data.

Information searched on NetAlter will be stored locally in database form and can be made available for offline search as well as further statistical analysis and comparison.

NetAlter Search also provides a system wide search encompassing understanding of user keywords and listing resources from every possible source in the NetAlter system.


Present Internet is based on outdated Client Server technology that wastes the resources of client & server computers and contributes to unnecessary network traffic, slowing down the Internet. Present Internet Websites also crash when there is a surge of hits. The online collaboration facilities available at present are limited in scope and functionality.

NetAlter provides the power of GRID based supercomputing in a democratic enterprise to the end user by distributing application processing over free resources available in a supercomputing GRID.

For this, NetAlter has developed a unique democratic system and method wherein, each NetAlter user can determine how much supercomputing power they require to access from the GRID, by simply sharing a proportionate percentage of their own local resources to this GRID.

When a user subscribes to this technology, applications and functions available on NetAlter execute at supercomputing speed.

NetAlter is a completely new System and Method which offers all the facilities and incentives for active collaboration between different entities such as Personal Networks, Communities, Enterprise, etc.

It provides a user-friendly, wizard based interface enabling Individuals, Groups and Business to easily create their own Personal Network or Intranet, using a highly secured Peer to Peer technology, which also provides safeguard for Intellectual Property Rights.

Similarly, NetAlter also provides developers with a unique platform to share their development work with other developers by licensing their software modules on NetAlter and earn royalty or license fees.

This is just a preview of what NetAlter has to offer. There are many more exciting features that NeAlter will deliver. To learn more about NetAlter, visit


NetAlter is a System and Method for which patent application has been filed via PCT in 126 countries including USA and India.

After 8 years of R&D and over 60 man years of vigorous research, a System and Method has been developed, that can be truly considered as an alternate to the current Internet system.

NetAlter Software Limited is a Mumbai based Indian unlisted company holding complete marketing rights over the NetAlter System and Methods and also the entity which will provide license rights for development of innovative solutions for
NetAlter system.

NetAlter Software Limited is also the principal research and development arm of White Vision Software Limited which develops and markets copyrighted, user friendly software for social segment such as Matrimonial Hotline®, Community Hotline®, Web Manager®, etc.

Founded by IT entrepreneurs Yogesh Rathod and Rajesh Rathod, NetAlter Software Limited is the fastest growing R&D hub for cutting edge software solutions.

Our registered office and contact details are as follows:

NetAlter Software Limited.
#3 & 4, Sai Smruti,
Behind Deep Mandir Theatre,
Mulund (West),
Mumbai – 400080, India.

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