announces their 2019 essay contest winner for this year's scholarship award

January 31, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Pittsburg, CA – With their commitment to changing lives and empowering education, the e-tailer has just closed out its sixth annual "scholarship program" titled How To Make Your Car Last Forever. This scholarship is open to any college-aged student from around the country who is actively enrolled. They've finished up their sixth annual scholarship essay contest on how to make your car last forever, and now, is proud to announce the newest essay contest scholarship, recipientJ.M. from Jonesboro, Ga.

When it comes to writing, it's all about the story. In business, today's businesses have to compete in the market with effective story selling — it's no different for these young college professionals. What really gets the hearts of the contest judges is the story. This one begins deep in the heart of the south.

"My days of riding the school bus were officially over! I called my stepdad at every class change to see if he had found a car that fit my preferences. I knew I didn't want white, silver or black and I preferred a GT. A 17-year-old girl who doesn't have much experience wanting a GT as her first car…who did I think I was?! By the end of the school day, my step dad called to say that he found the one. It wasn't red but it wasn't burgundy either. So what color is it?"

Instantly she grabbed us with the memory of getting her very first car: the day, the time and the specifics of everything a young woman in school with big dreams and plans in front of her wanted out of a car. Her step dad and her uncle were out at the auctions looking at the different vehicles that were available for purchase.

"When my car pulled into our driveway I was ecstatic. I wanted the keys and no one could be within 25 feet. I had already decided that I wasn't going to school the next day because I needed to spend the entire day with my new car. I was so overprotective…"

The essay captures our attention by using rich details and strong emotions that create excitement all the way through the entire essay. Our writer captured the essence of what truly makes our cars last forever. In our opinion, it's the memories we create as we integrate cars into our everyday lives. This is why does the scholarship awards. We encourage creativity, we encourage higher education, and we recognize that it's so important to be competitive in today's marketplace. Which is why we believe that there's no better way to do that than by having higher education and a high-level skill set that can benefit you in today's competitive job market.

"In the end, you may find that the best way to make your car last forever is to learn from experience. Time, care, maintenance, listening to the bumps and clunks, all make a dramatic difference in maintaining your vehicle for years to come. But the memories last a lifetime." says COO Jacob Koester

Our winner has clearly demonstrated her ability to not only make great memories, she truly embraced the spirit of ownership. She rolled up her sleeves and rebuilt the car from the ground up — that's making memories, and making our cars and "the spirit of freedom" that they bring to us, along with all of life's adventures that are a part of our everyday life. That's how we make our cars last forever.

Get ready for this upcoming school year's essay contest encourages people to live their dreams, and we help to support them in their efforts. You could be the next winner.

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