Kat Florence drops 2019 collection due to shortage of D Flawless Diamonds

January 28, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
New York - Due to more than a 50% supply drop in D Flawless Diamonds luxury designer Kat Florence has announced she will discontinue her very popular 2019 collections as well her previous diamond collections.

It is the most perfect diamond nature ever created: The D Flawless Diamond, with its purest white and clarity. Even under a microscope, no impurities can be detected, neither inside the diamond nor outside. Only one in a million diamonds shows this perfection and achieves the royal rank of the perfect D Flawless. No wonder that these diamonds are among the most sought-after gemstones in the world. While the worldwide demand for the rare stones is increasing, fewer and fewer D-Flawless diamonds can be found on the market.

Kat Florence stated that she has her buying team aggressively looking at all sustainable opportunities. She is even going as far as buying rough diamonds to resolve the issue.

The collections being discontinued are the bestselling Nature, SJP and her 2019 Lily collections, Kat Explained until supply is resolved all D Flawless Diamonds will be used for her one of a kind masterpiece that are sold to very special collectors, celebrities and at main auction houses.

As Fine Art Connoisseurs collect masterpieces, Jewelry collectors are seeking the finest gems produced by Mother Nature the gems that always increase their value in the long term.


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