Travis Edward Pike's Changeling's Return, novel and music, share a Four-Star Review in February, 2020, Shindig! magazine's issue #100

February 06, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
In the Shindig! book review, Louis Wigget calls Changeling's Return "a hotbed of 21st century action, somewhere between Stardust and The Wicker Man," and its music, "re-imagined to compliment the story, a joyful pairing."

The review also refers back to the Travis Pike and the Brattle Street East Shindig! top tenner "Watch Out Woman" from the 1966 movie Feelin' Good, released for the first time (State Records), that reached #3 in the Shindig! Best of 2017 singles list.

TRAVIS PIKE'S TEA PARTY "If I Didn't Love You Girl" (Alma 1968) is also listed in the 100th issue collector's edition of Shindig!, in a four-page editorial by Editor-In-Chief Jon 'Mojo' Mills titled, The Hot 100: The Soundtrack Of Our Evolution, in which Mills presents one hundred Deep, Deep Cuts-released on 45 and featured in the pages of the first 100 issues of Shindig! Since its Alma release in 1968, "If I Didn't Love You Girl" appeared on three separate compilation albums, and in 2019, was re-released in the U.K. on a Mousetrap 45, 28th Anniversary Single.

In Otherworld Cottage's full page ad in that same issue, pop culture music journalist, and author Harvey Kubernik, who penned the Foreword to Pike's book, in a quote from the December issue of Record Collector News reported, "Pike's Changeling's Return is a comprehensive exploration of music, mythology, magic and mysticism all rock and rolled into one … reaching listeners and readers with his expressive musical and literary style."

All of which supports the Shindig! Changeling's Return reviewer's quote, "Pike is an unmatched decade-spanning creator, storyteller, writer, filmmaker and musician."

Is there a movie deal in the offing? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, visit to explore its fascinating legacy, and experience Changeling's Return's music.

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