Rensselaer, NY Author Publishes Spiritual Book

February 12, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
The Church of the End-Time Zombies: A Guide to Religious Detox, a new book by Pamela Sheppard, has recently been released by

The essence of the Zombie book is to undeceive, then rescue the religious. Each chapter will shake you to wake you to begin the process of spiritual cleansing and religious detox. Your eyes will be unlocked to catch a glimpse of God Himself as you spy out the exposed strategies of evil spirits. With each page, you will discover that truth is setting you free to experience your own "ah ha" moment. If while reading you wake up and smell the coffee—boldly holler out your wide opened spiritual window to the world, your flesh and the devil: ,"I am no longer a religious Zombie. I WONT BE DECEIVED AGAIN BECAUSE I AM NOT lukewarm and asleep. I have heard the truth and I am free."

About the Author:
Born and raised in Harlem, NYC, Pamela Sheppard exudes a spiritual yet pragmatic realism in a bold, fearless way as an ordained minister, a professional counselor and a non-fiction author. Miraculously becoming born-again in 1977, Pam set sail on an incredible journey. She has experienced deep supernatural realities and uncovered important hidden mysteries that have compelled her to become a published author of 10 books.

A powerful believer in Christ and a faithful child and servant of God, Pam's long-standing expertise and divine anointing have empowered her with special skills to expose deception, unlock chains of bondage, and set people free by shedding light upon unseen realities. Her vision as an author continues to be sharp, deep and prophetic as she remains watchful and alert in this season. Truly, Pamela Sheppard is a chosen vessel of God for His purpose of, "Let My people go!" She is on the Internet battlefield upfront and personal 7 days a week, join her at

The Church of the End-Time Zombies: A Guide to Religious Detox is a 284-page paperback with a retail price of $21.25 at It is also available at and The ISBN is 9781312869820.

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