30,000 Sweaters Reminding You to Love Yourself

February 14, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
A beautiful sweater that was loved and cherished for years eventually gets worn out and holes appear. The sweater is left feeling that it is now just a ruined sweater. A Utah based company, Love Woolies, is giving those sweaters a whole new purpose. Cutting out the holes and letting go of the flaws creates the ability to see all the greatness that still exists. Add in some creativity and soon the sweater becomes warm mittens, wool socks or even the popular scrunchies.

Family owned and operated for 10 years, Marcella Hill a mother of 4, employs mothers to sew from their own homes. Creating quality unique accessories is what they have always done. A year ago, Marcella was asked to do a scrunchie tutorial and share an inspiring message with a youth group. This sparked what has now become the soul of the company. The mission is now to create products that serve as a reminder to create joy despite the flaws.

When you wear their cashmere scrunchie and someone says, "I like your scrunchie", a conversation is sparked about joy and how this scrunchie was made from an old wool sweater. Their Instagram feed is filled with inspiration and stories of women who are finding joy among difficult circumstances. Wearing the mittens or beanies serve as a reminder that you matter, and you have the ability to be your best self even when you are in uncomfortable situations.

Each scrunchie is named after a woman who has been nominated by a customer as a person that inspires others. A printable message is available with each scrunchie of what characteristics comes with that scrunchie.
Reminding you that you are loved. That you matter. That your voice, your ideas, your love can change the world. In a world that can feel so messed up, like the sweaters, we need all the reminders we can get that we are amazing and we can find the good and make the world a better place for us having lived in it.
Love Woolies has saved over 30,000 sweaters. They welcome donations of damaged sweaters and purchase the majority from what thrift shops are unable to sell. They share projects and patterns of how you can turn your own sweater into something to be cherished once again.

Visit them @ www.LoveWoolies.com to remind yourself that you have the ability to create joy despite the flaws in life.

Love Woolies
43 E Water Ln.
Vineyard, UT 84059


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