ConsuNova introduces world's 1st Customized Avionics Public Training Series

February 18, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
San Diego, CA Feb 18, 2020 - Since 2014, ConsuNova has been the preferred avionics compliance and certification consulting company, working on both commercial and defense projects around the world. Along with our delivered and on-going avionics software, hardware, systems and safety development projects, our private and public training have been mostly praised for up-to-date content, delivery style, and trainers' knowledge providing the most Optimized and Fluent coverage of DO-178C, DO-254, ARP 4754A and ARP 4761 standards.

Our courses are not "just another basic training" session; they are given by seasoned working experts in the avionics domain and provide a practical, focused approach to understanding, implementing and successfully executing compliant plans, processes and required support data.

Starting from 2020, attendees to ConsuNova Public DO-178C Trainings will have a chance to vote their desire on over 17 specialized DO-178C topics. In the same manner, attendees to ConsuNova Public DO-254 Training will select over 15 topics. Our trainers will customize each training to create a balance of topics and fit them within the 2-day or 2.5 days training sessions.

As the result of these customizations, each of ConsuNova public trainings will have a unique flavor of avionics certification learning, brining precisely what the audience desires to learn and largely optimized to address their project challenges. The result? The stimulating environment of a public training with the additional benefit for each attendee to get valuable information about his main areas of interest.

Martin Beeby, Head of Advanced Avionics Systems and ConsuNova EU Managing Director, adds: "You can't learn avionics standards "by reading the book", you need practical advice and experience from experts working on real projects. Project optimization, learning the intent of DO-178 and DO-254 and staying up to date with the new FAA or EASA rules is a key factor for ensuring successful avionics projects. ConsuNova experts are constantly taking the extra steps and doing the right thing for our clients, while bringing the most up to date and relevant guidance, without any adding to project costs. This is precisely what we offer, Optimization in Aerospace and Defense Compliance, unlike any other training company in the market, and this is why people keep choosing ConsuNova for their training needs".

Join ConsuNova to receive optimized, practical and now customized avionics trainings and workshops:
  • Apr 2020: Public DO-178C Training - Indianapolis, USA
  • Apr 2020: Public ARP 4754A and ARP 4761 Training - Gatwick, UK
  • Sep 2020: Public Advanced DO-254 Training - Gatwick, UK
  • Nov 2020: Publlic DO-178C Training - Bristol, UK

  • Register now and use the discount code "CNI-T-E-BIRD" to receive "Early-Bird" pricing.

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