RangerMade Leading Tactical Gear Revolution— Procurement Specialists Expanding Product Endorsements.

February 24, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
MONTANA- RangerMade explodes back into the tactical gear arena with a flurry of new product recommendations. After a long period away from the trade shows RangerMade consultancy is expanding operations to meet growing demands for tactical gear and individual soldier support systems. RangerMade is a veteran owned business offering technical product advice & field test results from their staff of Special Operations veterans. They have over twelve years in the industry marketing tactical solutions to militaries and high-end security firms with:
 Small Arms Enhancement & Target Acquisition Devices.
 Exceptional Mil-Spec Technologies
 Private Command Research on 21st Century Warfighter Systems
 Optimum Load Bearing Systems, Premium Military Grade Rucksacks
 Advanced Performance Apparel & Cold Weather Combat Systems
 Private Command Research on 21st Century Warfighter Systems
We wanted to break away from camouflage for awhile and focus more attention in R&D says Project Director David Jensen. There is a growing demand for cutting-edge life saving gear to enhance performance and facilitate mission success. Busy field operatives do not have time to track all the latest equipment developments. RangerMade is able to fill that vacuum offering reputable experience-backed endorsements tracking equipment trends. Finding out that yesterdays premier gear provider has outsourced to Asia and you are popping stitches, is not something you want to have happen when you are in the zone, said Jensen.
Our objective at RangerMade is to sift through the enormous quantity of tactical gear and equipment available to the consumer, and do the research that he doesn't have time to do. We do this by using field operators who know from experience what is needed from a given piece of gear and understand the different nuances that apply to different products. We put each article through their paces compiling data specific to a given product line and give a rating based on several performance factors such as practical application, function ability, durability, versatility, weight and so on.
RangerMade is routinely adding new products that pass muster to their own line of world class preeminent camouflage designs and visual deception patterns. We offer you a complete line head to toe of recommendations for tactical gear, equipment and performance apparel with the highest quality items in each individual category. Our research is funded by retail on approved products, so fight smarter not harder, Jensen said. Leading military and security contractors will continue to rely on us for one stop Mil-Spec consultation on the volume of choices clouding the marketplace as long as manufactures continue to send us performance products that make the cut and earn a RangerMade endorsement. More information is free to the public at www.RangerMade.US or email info@RangerMade.US