Smart Math Exercise Toy, connects with app via Bluetooth

March 18, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, household goods using IOT technology are gaining attention. In recent years, children's learning tools are also using IOT technology.

In line with the trend, Smart IOT Math Diocese Startup Company Creacube has launched the Smart Mass Exclusive-Toy "Creacube," which connects to the app through Bluetooth.

Creacube is a smart learning tool that promotes thought and creativity through increased interaction of body, recognition, and emotions.

The Creacube has a colorful design and friendly cube shape that can generate children's interest and allow them to take advantage of multiple senses with the sound that comes when a button is pressed and the LED embedded inside.

By connecting to Bluetooth, children can increase their math skills while playing anytime, anywhere, and they can check the world ranking, incorrect notes, and learning analysis by interacting with the app.

Through a system of raising levels and checking rankings like in a game, Creacube allows children to challenge themselves, and develops patience to solve difficult problems to the end. It helps children improve their math skills through play without writing tools or books by presenting new paradigms about "math learning," which they find difficult.

Also, it is popular as a new semester/first-school gift for children, unlike recent iPhones, Airpods and luxury book bags, as it helps them to concentrate on learning vulnerable areas while playing with toys and naturally enjoy math battles with friends.

While Creacube did not develop the app, it found the device itself rather boring and difficult to receive feedback on children's performance and results. Not only did they lose interest, but expected more than toys.

By paying attention to the fourth industrial revolution, ICBM (Internet if things, Cloud, Bigdata, Mobile), we created the present Creacube Mass that connects with mobile devices to solve these problems.

You can pledge Creacube on Kickstarter campaign page.

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