Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its Place in Pandemic History, Revealed by Survey Cool

March 22, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Survey Cool recently published an infographic "The Coronavirus and its place in pandemic history". The COVID-19 strain of Coronavirus has become a pandemic after spreading rapidly around the world after an initial outbreak in China in December 2019. Survey Cool discuss the infographic published here.

When considering writing on this topic Survey Cool realised there was much information to convey. It was decided that an infographic was a great way to publish this information. Visual content "paints a thousand words", the infographic successfully provides much content in an image format, which can be consumed in just 3 to 4 minutes.

A definition for COVID-19

The infographic starts by discussing what COVID-19 is, particularly interesting is the naming, which shows that COVI is (Coronavirus), D is (Disease) and 19 is (the year 2019). The infographic discusses how COVID-19 is a coronavirus family member, a range of diseases which are known to infect humans and animals.

Typical COVID-19 symptoms

The second section features some of the most common symptoms of the COVID-19 coronavirus, which are breathing difficulties, cough, fever, muscle pain and tiredness. Each of these symptoms are discussed, which will enable readers to identify the warning signs of the virus and help to avoid it spreading.

COVID-19 statistics

Following this are some COVID-19 statistics, which include incubation period, mortality rate, hospitalisation statistics and also levels of public awareness. These give "food for thought" and also provide the opportunity for readers to contrast the current COVID-19 pandemic against those experienced by previous generations.

Pandemics timeline

The fourth section is the very heart of the infographic. It provides some statistics and facts of the five pandemics of the past one hundred years. The COVID-19 pandemic is nothing new in that we experience major pandemics roughly every 20-25 years (on average).

Pandemics of the past one hundred years have been Spanish flu, HIV/Aids, Asian flu, Hong Kong flu and Swine flu. For each of these five pandemics the following statistics are provided the years of the outbreak, a description about the pandemic, the mortality rate, total cases and the number of deaths.

There is a lot of information in this section, which is very difficult to visualise here. So, why not click on and view the infographic for yourself?

Other coronavirus epidemics

The final section discusses two other Coronavirus epidemics, which health authorities managed to contain, so they did not become pandemics. These were SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome). The same five statistics are provided for both of these two epidemics. Interestingly, the mortality rates are far higher for both of the above than for COVID-19, but it's the level of infectiousness, which gives COVID-19 the opportunity to impact the world in the way it currently is.

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