St. Louis, MO Authors Publish Book on Financial Aid

March 25, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Children Need Money: How Financial Aid to Families Helps Children, a new book by L. Anthony Loman PhD and Gary L. Siegel PhD, has recently been released on

A great deal has been written about the effects of poverty and more generally financial hardship on the health, cognitive development, social development and, in more extreme cases, the ongoing safety of children. This book focuses on large scale field experiments to show the causal effects of family financial hardship on such outcomes. Ways to relieve financial hardships of families are examined. Solutions only make sense if viewed within currently changing contexts. Four are examined. The consequences of climate change and the coming demise of fossil fuels are each considered. Green New Deal responses can lead to millions of new jobs for hard-pressed US families. Growing income disparity provides many sources of additional money if it can be reversed. Long-term changes associated with automation, robotics and ecommerce are also considered. Possible solutions are described including how they might be financed. Finally, the potential for support of such solutions by Americans is examined.

About the Authors
From author L. Anthony Loman PhD: "After getting my PhD, I taught at university for several years. In 1979 Gary Siegel and I decided to start an independent social and policy research organization: the Institute of Applied Research (IAR) and later IAR Associates. We worked for many years conducting studies at the state and local level in various areas, including employment and training programs, developmental disabilities of children, childcare programs and drug courts, to name just a few. Some of most significant work concerned the welfare of children. We conducted large scale field studies in several states evaluating such programs. Many of our studies can be found on our website:

Our latest book, Children Need Money: How Financial Aid to Families Helps Children, reviews some of our work but also considers other studies of the plight of children in families suffering financial distress. My interest has always been practical rather than academic—what can we do to improve programs and services designed to enhance the lives of human beings."

Children Need Money: How Financial Aid to Families Helps Children By L. Anthony Loman PhD and Gary L. Siegel PhD
Paperback $6.30 / eBook: $2.99 / 244 pages / ISBN-13: 978-1712165409

Contact Info:
L. Anthony Loman Ph.D.
IAR Associates
306 E Adams Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63122
Phone: (314) 968-0404

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