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March 28, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Sacramento, CA, March 25, 2020 - This is a great time for furniture stores. Changes in economic activities at a global scale are giving way to new business models and are becoming a source of numerous opportunities for all types of companies in different areas. Stores like Manhattan Home Design are no exception, and thanks to the wide distribution network of their best-selling products throughout the United States and Canada, they have increased the sale of their star designs by up to 20% in the last three weeks.

Among the new pieces presented for best midcentury lounges that are getting high demand, are the Womb Chair Reproduction, Finn Juhl 1955 TV Cabinet, Eames Office Chair, Eames Lounge Chair Reproduction, and the Arco Lamp Replica. It's a fact that the routine of most people has been forced to adapt to circumstances, both in the United States and in the rest of the world.

Spending many hours a day at home has forced many people to find new hobbies, discover new forms of entertainment, work from home, and of course, carry out productive activities that were previously neglected due to not having enough time. Among these activities, the renovation of spaces adding mid century furniture has been an option that many have taken as the most attractive for the occasion, taking advantage of the wide possibilities offered by Internet access and online sales.

"We are taking into account the weaknesses, opportunities, and strengths that this moment in history is bringing to our society, to reformulate our goals in the short and medium-term, and thus be able to reach a very wide audience thanks to our distribution and sales methods" announced the CEO of the company. "That's what success in business is all about: seizing the moment. To go further, to think outside the box and see what others are not seeing. Frequently focusing too much on problems and difficulties is a mistake that many entrepreneurs make. We want to go further and surf the wave".

Renovating spaces implies changing furniture in most cases, and many products such as Hans Wegner Shell Chair replica, or the Arco Lamp have experienced an increase in demand in recent days. Internet sales offer, among its main advantages, being able to compare prices and models at any time and from anywhere on the planet, from the computer or mobile devices, and get a successful purchase without having to leave their home.

The company also includes in its catalog some iconic office furniture designs to complement the Mid-Century Modern style in workspaces. Many companies have adopted this style for the interior decoration of their offices and thanks to some very famous models such as the Eames Office Chairs that make up the Aluminium Group, which includes pieces such as the Eames Ribbed Management Chair, the Eames Softpad Executive Chair, and the Eames Softpad Management Chair, this style also became legendary and very present in workspaces around the world.

A Moment For Business Opportunities

A similar situation has been experienced by another store, Barcelona Designs, which has taken advantage of this historic opportunity to publicize its most requested and reputable products within the furniture market in Canada. This store specializes in Mid-Century Modern style furniture and offers a wide catalog of diverse products focused on functionality, minimalism, practicality, and aesthetics, including modern mid century chairs and other pieces.

In recent years, the Mid-Century Modern style has had a great boom and has become very popular thanks to the influence of the media, especially television series such as Mad Men. This has made products such as the Eames Lounge Chair Replica, Noguchi Table Reproduction, Barcelona Daybed Replica, or the Barcelona Bench have great acceptance for the new generations that are beginning to discover some of these famous pieces.

Many of these designs became highly famous in modern lounges between the 1940s and 1960s, marked a trend, an overwhelming influence and transformed the conception that until then was held about how furniture design should be and how space, colors, and forms should be used, and express a sense of what modernity is through them. Modern furniture is famous because it's easy to handle, very practical and looks great. An example of modern chairs is the Barcelona Chair Replica.

Some of the most famous designers of the Mid-Century Modern Style, such as Charles and Ray Eames, the Castiglioni brothers, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Hans Wegner, Finn Juhl, among others, became celebrities of their time due to the tremendous influence that their jobs had.

Furniture design and midcentury lounges wasn't only the areas in which modernity put its hand, but also in architectural design, as Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, for example, became one of the forerunners of modern architecture and its influence extended to furniture design.

The great Eames couple was also a duet of Americans that made a huge impact with his groundbreaking and revolutionary work. Their historical contributions to architecture and their work in the fields of graphic and industrial design made them renowned celebrities. They became so influential in modern furniture New York that many of their pieces ended up gaining prominence in fine arts and cinema. They worked with a team of diverse professionals who only recruited the best and joined forces to produce spectacular modern furniture creations.

A Market In Full Expansion

Undoubtedly, the popularization of Internet connectivity has made MCM furniture more popular in all parts of the world. Until a few years ago, not many people knew what a Womb Chair is. However, thanks to the fact that a large part of the world population currently has access to the network, this has allowed the information to reach new users who previously have never heard of these types of pieces.

With the development of networked technologies, platforms have facilitated the acquisition of furniture online, with different payment methods and with access to complete catalogs of products and services. Currently, if a person wants to buy a Womb Chair Replica, they only have to enter the platform, select the product and follow the corresponding steps. In a matter of a few hours, the person will have the product on the doorstep without having to move. Each published product presents detailed information on the website about its specifications: exact dimensions, materials, functionality, colors, etc. Thus, the person already knows very well what they're buying before completing the order.

"It's really a great advantage for people like me, who have neither the time nor the disposition to go outside, and less under these current circumstances, in which the world is experiencing such diverse problems and the most prudent thing is to stay in our homes" stated a user who recently acquired a Barcelona Daybed Reproduction at Barcelona Designs. "I live in Ontario, and although the market for products and services that you find online is very broad, the truth is that sometimes I find them to be not very trustworthy. However, I liked the Barcelona Designs proposal and decided to buy my mid century modern chair on their website".

Every year, mid-century furniture companies have to reinvent their tactics and renew their marketing strategies to reach ever-widening audiences, since, just as the market is becoming wider and open to new opportunities and advantages, in the same way, It becomes increasingly competitive in mid century furniture NYC and other cities, and the race will be won by whoever has the best methods to produce, promote, and deliver products more efficiently and immediately.

These are just two examples of online stores specializing in the Mid-Century Modern style and minimalist furniture. However, these two stores have stood out for having high procedures in terms of the production of their pieces and distribution capacity. Each of these furniture designs is manufactured according to the strictest quality controls, with the use of first-class materials. The transfer of the product to the buyer's house is carried out in a very efficient and careful way, ensuring that the person receives it in perfect condition, without suffering any damage during the journey.

People who are interested in buying a mid century modern sofa or some other of these products can consult the online catalogs through the websites www.manhattanhomedesign.com and www.barcelona-designs.com, and comfortably choose the new pieces that interest them without having to set foot outside their homes.

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For more information, visit www.manhattanhomedesign.com and www.barcelona-designs.com. The MHD store's offices are located in NYC at 325 W 38th St Suite 1501 New York, NY, 10018, or you can also call 212.706.8509. The BD store offices are located in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) 4915 Bathurst St. Suite 209, telephone: 1-646-340-3033, e-mail: customerservice@barcelona-designs.com

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