Three reasons to stay at home with your children: Booka reading guide

March 30, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
We all know that the best way to be safe at that anxios period is to stay at home. Its ok, but how can we make our children not to be bored? here are three reasons for them to have fun with their parents:

Reason 1: Read and Play with Fairy Tales. Find the most favourite fairy tales within Booka mobile app for iOS or Android. Read together and try to cast the funniest moments: build a castle from pillows, become a unicorn with a paper roll or make you child a wizard with a last years costume from Helloween.

Reason 2: Read and travel with photo book. Catch you child with Booka photo guides to animals, plants and different places of our world. Tell them more about places you've never been but desire to visit. Make a travel plan: open a map, point the dream destination and start packing laggage.

Reason 3: Read and learn with Booka Originals. Find out exciting, vibrant stories that will make your child's first learning experience effortless and fun. Learn new words, master the alphabet, learn to navigate in different environments and situation, be it in a big city, at home, school or a kindergarten. Don't forget to mark your favorite books!

Stay safe and have fun with Booka for iOS and Android.

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