Outsource Marketing Group of Los Angeles Celebrates 20 Years in Content Marketing, Communications and Lead Generation

April 06, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Outsource Marketing Group, a Content Marketing and Branding agency located in Los Angeles celebrated 20 years in business on April 1st. Since inception, OMG has worked with clients large and small on multi-channel marketing campaigns via a variety of Direct Response channels including DRTV, Radio, Digital, Email, Print, Direct Mail, Content Marketing, Social Media, and PR.

At the forefront of these efforts has been a mastery of words. "We were writing compelling copy at the start of the new millennium to feed traditional channels like print, direct mail and TV," said President Trish Mahon. "Now we're telling digital stories to juice engagement and support robust digital marketing campaigns."

With a resume of prominent clients and lucrative brands in Finance, Wealth-Building, Investing, Health, Wellness, Self-Improvement, and Beauty OMG has been at the forefront of messaging, lead generation, and content in the most sought-after categories of 2020.

"We have a particular sweet-spot for baby-boomers." says Mahon. "They're the wealthiest generation in history and are facing a retirement and an aging crisis. Smart marketers with a sound content strategy can mobilize this demographic by tapping into their sense of nostalgia, economic unease, and stage-of-life concerns."

Today's consumer has countless information sources and platforms and OMG has helped clients secure qualified leads through master storytelling. "Forget building a better mouse-trap. We've perfected a way to tell a story about that mousetrap that you simply cannot put down!" And in doing so, OMG has helped clients dramatically drive engagement, expand their database, enhance customer loyalty and increase overall revenues.

As for the enduring discussion about how to gauge the impact of good content, Mahon states, "Strong content is a reflection of strong companies and in an age teeming with real-time communication and information, the good stuff always rises to the top."

Outsource Marketing's content services includes feature articles, blogs, eBooks, white papers, newsletters, emails, video scripts, special reports, landing pages, sales scripts, and more. The company can be reached via their website at: www.omgusainc.com or at their LA offices at 213-948-8444. Their Twitter account handle is: @OMGUSA

Additional information on Trish Mahon is available via her LinkedIn profile at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/trish-mahon-04333a26/

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