New App HealthChampion Adds Free Covid-19 Symptom Tracker and Care Pathways To Next-Gen Medical Records and Health Data Integration Platform

April 09, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Joining the wave of digital health companies contributing to the Coronavirus effort, HealthChampion is releasing a free symptom tracker that individuals and families can use to monitor their health from home or work. HealthChampion is also releasing a free solution for essential industry employers who must provide reports on public health incidents in their workplace.

Next-Gen Health Records App Allows Users to Control Their Health and Medical Data in One App: The near-total digitization of medical records and the increased use of personal health devices from smart watches and wearables to various wellness apps means that people are now generating more health data in one year than most have in their entire life. All this personalized health data offers tremendous power and opportunity for everyone to make smarter health decisions, receive more precise medical care and control their health destiny with the right tools.

That's where the new app called HealthChampion comes in. Available for iPhone and Android, HealthChampion integrates with many popular health trackers and digital medical devices on the market (including Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, Polar) and combines it with personal health observations and electronic health records (EHR) to allow each individual to create a more complete personal health profile, all in one secure cloud-based environment.

In addition to tracking body temperature and other vitals manually or through an integrated digital device HealthChampion's Covid-19 symptom tracker also includes…

  • Links to reliable and trustworthy resources for more Coronavirus information
  • A private health journal for recording personal health observations
  • A timeline screen to monitor trends and review progress
  • Profile sharing so users can track their children's or elderly parent's health status

  • In the year prior to its April launch, HealthChampion has been crafting features and values for the communities growing around its health empowerment app:
  • The 50%-plus of American adults with at least one chronic condition
  • Parents of children with chronic conditions, including childhood obesity, asthma and diabetes
  • Individuals looking to change healthcare as we know it by providing consumers with more control over the health marketplace
  • Active adults looking to leverage data and digital health to maximize their performance

  • Health Data: More than just a record storage tool, HealthChampion empowers individual users with the tools to put their health data to work. In its initial launch version, the HealthChampion app allows users to gather, manage and add to their personal health data file:

  • EHR seamlessly gather medical records from participating hospitals and health systems
  • Wearables sync data from many popular wearables, with more being added regularly
  • Health apps integrate data from many popular health apps, including Apple Health
  • Health journal users can record their personal health observations
  • Timeline an easy overview of recorded health events

  • HealthChampion users will finally have the opportunity to view their full, unfiltered electronic medical file from participating hospitals and health systems. With one click, they can collect their electronic health records (EHR) from various healthcare providers.

    Upcoming rollouts will include more tools and resources to empower HealthChampion users in leveraging all their data for better health. These scheduled rollouts will include the ability to share selected records with your circle of care providers, advanced dashboards to organize the growing amount of health data and an AI-driven recommender to provide personalized health tips and alerts.

    Health Improvement Pathways: Also available during its April launch will be the first care management guides in the HealthChampion pathway library. These "pathways" or care management programs are clinically designed and primarily produced for (and by) partner healthcare providers, to help their patients recover faster from procedures, heal more fully and reach important health goals.

    These care management pathways will range from asthma management for newly diagnosed asthma patients (or their parents) to individuals recovering from a knee surgery to families seeking to track their symptoms during the Coronavirus or future outbreaks.

    Over the coming months, more of these clinically designed digital care programs will be rolled out in the HealthChampion pathway library and specifically shared with individuals whose profiles qualify for health recommendations.

    Transforming Healthcare: From the very beginning, HealthChampion did not set out to build just another health app. Their vision has been to transform healthcare as we know it by putting individuals in control over their health data, decisions and destiny.

    "We're not just building an app, we're building a movement," said Terrence M. Ryan, Founder and CEO of HealthChampion. "We're shifting the balance of power to the consumer with the result being improved outcomes, savings, and a more well-rounded approach to their personal health journey. We believe that by giving more ownership and control to individuals, we can help address many of the challenges confronting our healthcare system today."

    It's only the recent convergence of both technical and regulatory forces that make HealthChampion possible. And thanks to the decades-long push for U.S. health data interoperability and standards to facilitate secure, HIPAA-compliant access and sharing of data, nearly 99% of all healthcare providers have finally gone digital with electronic health records (EHR).

    To join in the healthcare revolution and achieve personal health empowerment, download HealthChampion at the App Store and Google Play.

    About HealthChampion
    HealthChampion was founded by Terrence M. Ryan, who also founded Knightsbridge (acquired by HP Enterprises in 2006), LaunchPoint and Discovery Health Partners, all of which have been recognized in Crain's Fast 50 and Inc. 500 / 5000 for multiple years running. The HealthChampion team combines decades of successful experience in the healthcare payer, provider and pharmaceutical arenas, as well as leadership in technology and innovation.

    For more information or to download this free app, visit HealthChampion at

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