New BriteTap Model 2 Chicken Waterer Improves on Original Design

April 14, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News today announced the release of an improved BriteTap® Model 2 chicken waterer that makes it even easier for small flock owners to provide a constant supply of fresh water to their chickens. The new BriteTap waterer Model 2 builds on the success of the original Model 1 waterer that was launched in 2012, but the new design is easier to clean, more durable and less expensive.

"The new BriteTap Model 2 waterer is the holy grail of waterers," said Mark Delman, General Manager at, "It's easy to set-up, completely shields the chicken's water supply from dirt and droppings, maintains cool water temperatures during the summer."

The BriteTap model 2 waterer dispenses water to chickens through two horizontally mounted drinking valves. The waterer is designed to attach to insulated beverage coolers such as those sold under the Igloo®, and Rubbermaid® brand names that act as the water supply tank for the waterer. Users install the BriteTap Model 2 chicken waterer by unscrewing the cooler's spigot and replacing it with the BriteTap waterer. This can be done in less than two minutes and without the need for any tools.

Once set-up, the water inside BriteTap waterer is shielded from environmental contamination by dirt, debris and droppings. As a result, the chickens' water stays sparkling clean. The insulated beverage cooler keeps helps keep the chicken's drinking water cool in Summer.

The new BriteTap Model 2 chicken waterer comes with all the parts needed to attach it to an insulated beverage cooler and is fitted with an improved clean-out plug that is both more durable and larger. The clean-out plug allows users to easily access the interior of the waterer for cleaning and sanitizing.

Key Advantages versus plastic and galvanized pan-style waterers:

  • Provides cleaner water to chickens due to its closed-system design.
  • Easy to set up and does not require constant cleaning like traditional chicken waterers.
  • Attaches to standard beverage coolers.
  • Good for up to 16 chickens.
  • BPA Free.

  • The BriteTap Model 2 chicken waterer can be purchased from and from select farm and feed stores. Suggested retail price for the BriteTap Model 2 waterer and Heater are $19.99.

About's mission is to make it easier for poultry hobbyists, urban farmers, and homesteaders to keep a healthy flock of chickens. The company manufactures the patented BriteTap® poultry waterer, BriteTap Convertible Chick Feeder, and Freez Free® brand Nipple Waterers. is a privately held company located in Palo Alto, California, USA.

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