Rejuvia CBD-Based Wellness Collection Unveiled to Provide Colorful Balance for Mind & Body

April 16, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Rejuvia today announces a vibrant launch of its CBD-based wellness collection showcasing products specially crafted for those seeking daily clarity, personal resilience, restful sleep or refreshed skin. This curation of tinctures, softgels, balms, creams, and oral sprays is set to launch in 5 local stores and can also be found at

While each product provides a soothing THC-free experience, Rejuvia's collection is only composed of broad spectrum and premium grade formulas, uses organically grown hemp and backs each product with extensive quality lab testing for potency and purity. You may review the results of their testing at

"We're so excited to share this marriage of hemp and science with a beautiful new look and our dedication to quality" exclaims Kristen Williams, co-founder of Rejuvia. Backed by a spirited package redesign and branding refresh, Rejuvia continues to offer premium grade, daily (and nightly) solutions for current users of CBD and those with a curiosity towards a more lux CBD option in a partially unregulated space. There is education yet to be provided regarding the world of CBD and Rejuvia does its part to give consumers peace of mind. Williams also explains how the Journal of the American Medical Association found that 70% of the products tested were not accurately labeled for CBD content" which inspired Rejuvia in providing extensive testing and quality control within the manufacturing of their products.

While their brand essence is expressed as aspirational and comforting, Rejuvia's offerings like Pure Tranquility combine CBD and melatonin to promote restful sleep while Spirit & Harmony encourages daily focus and composure. Others products such as Peppermint Serenity and Essence Revive boast pure and refreshing essential oils.

For further information and Rejuvia's online store, visit and follow to witness the bright new transformation these products have taken to help balance your world.


Rejuvia's founding family has been in the medical field for nearly 50 years. We've been able to witness many family successes such as inventing the laparoscope or developing instruments to cure nearsightedness. The values and paths we choose to take are diverse as well; we are also professional athletes, medical and laboratory professionals, and engineers, all with a common interest in natural health and wellness.

With the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill, industrial hemp was legalized. That day, we knew what our venture would be and how we could support CBD-based brand with our medical and scientific backgrounds.

Since our beginning in 2018, we believe so strongly that hemp is the future of wellness that we think it could spark a medical revolution as significant as the discovery of antibiotics. We stand by our promise that our products are clean, safe, natural and 100% transparent. We also believe because of the many other uses for hemp, it could spark an industrial revolution that rivals the roaring 20s. To us, it's a Hemp Revolution.

Rejuvia's wellness collection curates pure and organic hemp creations for those seeking daily clarity, personal resilience, restful sleep and refreshed feeling skin. Paired with refreshing organic essential oils, natural botanicals, phytocannabionoids and antioxidants, Rejuvia ensures every moment is refreshing and yours to lead. Every product is crafted to easily conform with your lifestyle and is quality assured through third-party lab testing to ensure your pure happiness. Discover the full collection at

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