263 Registrations to AFuzion's Virtual Online DO-178C Training: A New Record

April 23, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
April 23, 2020 - While the worldwide pandemic negatively impacts many lives, surprising transformations abound. On April 18, 2020, AFuzion and SAE (Society of Aerospace Engineers) sponsored Virtual DO-178C Training with 263 Registrants. Says D. Chapman, U.S. Army "Our Army colleagues have tried many training companies and trainers: always AFuzion's training is far the highest rated at 4.93 out of 5. SAE/AFuzion's new virtual DO-178C Training and DO-254 Training were again the best no exception."

AFuzion's DO-178C and DO-254 training were solely selected by the world's largest independent aviation safety group, Society of Aerospace Engineers (SAE) for worldwide venues. Now also offered in Virtual Remote format, this week's 263 registrants to the latest DO-178C virtual training proved the strength of AFuzion: over 24,000 engineers trained worldwide: 3X more than all other trainers in the world, COMBINED.

States Philip J of GE Aviation, UK about AFuzion's training: "The consensus among the attendees I've talked with is that you delivered the best technical training we've ever received, so I hope you take great pride in hearing the impact you have made is overwhelmingly positive." AFuzion's trainers provided the world's first known DO-178 public training in 1989 and since then have refined the proprietary DO-178C training materials to include the highest quality visual and oral explanations of DO-178C's optimized application for EVTOL, UAV's, Civil, and Military aircraft.

Adds AFuzion's Aharon David: "The post-virus environment will forever change training and services delivery. AFuzion's 50+ aviation engineers have always worked 60% remotely to simply optimize time and reduce client travel costs. It was a simple matter to evolve our dozen's of different aviation training courses, auditing, and mentoring to a remote, virtual format: our IT infrastcture and knowledge have been been used for tens of thousands of hours remotely already. Getting 263 registrants to this week's SAE/AFuzion Online DO-178C Training course simply proved that."

For details on AFuzion's virtual remote training, simply request from AFuzion a list of their 65+ courses, or review the syllabus of the dozen most popular courses here: https://afuzion.com/private-training/ For a free sample of AFuzion's DO-178C training, DO-326A Cyber-Security Training, DO-254 Training, or ARP4754A Training, watch free videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0es63yi1vbw9Tt1GWX8TtiFm4R2qRryu

AFuzion / SAE's next virtual online DO-178C training will be May 12-15, 2020 (4 hrs/day), Register here: https://www.sae.org/learn/content/c1410/

AFuzion's DO-178C training details with Basic DO-178C, Intermediate DO-178C, and Advanced DO-178C Training are found here: https://afuzion.com/private-training/avionics-software-do-178c-training-class/

Avionics system world-wide are now mandated to follow "DO-178C or ED-12CC" for literally all phases of development: Safety, Requirements, Design, Code, Test, Quality Assurance, etc. The new DO-178C was introduced in 2012, but the predecessor versions began in the 1980's. Growing from 100 to over 600 pages, this new DO-178C seems complex to follow but almost all aircraft flying today must comply with it: commercial and military planes, UAV's, and rotorcraft. First-time users often complain of costs and schedules doubling while trying to comply. But is DO-178C really complex? What are the true meanings of DO-178C? How can DO-178C be understood and applied cost-effectively the first time? What are the top mistakes when starting DO-178C projects and how to avoid them? What are the best practices for DO-178C avionics requirements, design, code, configuration management, test, QA, and certification? All of these topics are explained in this fast-paced online virtual AFuzion Introductory DO-178C class.

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