HeatXtreme Announces the Launch of Its New Home Fit Program

April 24, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Woodbridge, Va. Specializing in at-home and gym fitness and weight loss programs, customized meal plans, affordable exercise equipment, and nutritional supplements, HeatXtreme is excited to announce the release of its new Home Fit program. This program was specifically designed for working out, losing weight, and getting fit at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With most fitness centers and gyms closed, and "stay-at-home" orders in effect, it can be difficult for people to exercise and work out like they normally would. HeatXtreme's Home Fit program is perfect for beginning to advanced levels to get in workouts and exercise from the safety of their homes.

Additionally, the Home Fit program is great for people who are tired of binge-watching TV programs and spending countless hours sitting around and doing nothing. The programs are designed to get people up, moving, and active. Even children, tweens, and teens can follow along as their parents work out and exercise.

What Is Needed for the Home Fit Program?
No fitness equipment is required or necessary for the Home Fit program. It is a complete workout program that offers 30-minute workouts that you can access from any smart device anytime. Each video walks people through a series of exercises each day.

People can repeat the same exercises each day or, when they are up for more of a challenge, they can move on to the next set of videos. For people who have access to resistance bands, the Home Fit program also includes resistance band exercises. Resistance bands are not needed, but they are also available for sale from HeatXtreme in its online shop.

For people who are looking for some variety, HeatXtreme's Legs, Core & More Program is a great workout program to complement its Home Fit Program. The Legs, Core & More Program also features 30-minute workouts, as well as Slider Discs to help work the core and abs differently from not using any workout equipment.

In addition, HeatXtreme is still offering its customized meal plans and nutritional supplements for people looking to lose fat and get fit while learning to eat healthier meals and snacks.

To learn more about HeatXtreme and their Home Fit Program, Legs, Core & More Program, customized meal plans, nutritional supplements, other fitness and workout programs, affordable exercise equipment or the Heat Challenge Program, please feel free to visit its official website at www.heatxtreme.com or contact a representative by phone at 571-285-4845 today!

About HeatXtreme

HeatXtreme is here to help people achieve their fitness goals by providing the support, guidance, and motivation they need. Each of its workout programs is designed for beginning to advanced levels and offers a wide range of exercises accessible 24/7 from just about any smart device or computer.

HeatXtreme provides easy access to a wide range of fitness programs, muscle building programs, weight loss programs, meal plans, nutritional supplements, and affordable fitness equipment. To further encourage people to reach their fitness and weight loss goals, HeatXtreme offers its Heat Challenge Programs, where participants can win a total of $25,000 in cash prizes.

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