Network Control Announces Enhanced Telecom Services Audit for Rapid Cost Savings Due to COVID-19 Disruption

May 05, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Network Control, a pioneer and leader in the Telecom Expense Management (TEM) industry today announced a new, enhanced TEM Audit service specifically designed to aid organizations to reduce costs during disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and related financially troubling times. Available immediately, this program is focused on helping companies understand, manage and optimize their distributed communications environments, with an emphasis on expense reduction.

The Network Control Audit uniquely identifies any issues in a business's telecom infrastructure and their respective services, and follows the principal that 87% of companies are being overcharged, assessed fees for services no longer necessary or paying above-market-rate pricing for their services. Audit activities include ensuring services are located at a confirmed customer location, verifying that inventory quantities match the billed amounts, validating that billed amounts match contractual rates, and identifying double-billing or under-utilization of resources. In these times of temporary office closures, distributed resources and service relocations, expenses can grow quickly without assessment and oversight.

A key component to the Network Control enhanced audit process is the creation of a detailed and complete inventory of all network components and assets. This enables our team to identify potential savings based on rates, service types, unnecessary features, overutilization/underutilization, avoidable late fees, and streamline processing by removing paper invoices where electronic billing is available.

Once the inventory is built, opportunities for savings are presented, along with potential optimizations. These may include elimination of previously unknown duplication of services or equipment, and the opportunity for contract consolidation to secure improved rates and service levels. Network Control will also review inventory for network improvements that may not result in direct savings (no-charge speed upgrades, billing consolidation, etc.), but which will improve performance and efficiency.

Importantly, Network Control is not an Agent or Carrier Broker and is not compensated by vendors, and therefore can provide its services under a contingency gain share or fixed project fee model.

"The Covid-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented disruption to business, and companies in all markets are seeking to rapidly reduce costs while continuing to keep their businesses running as smoothly as possible," said Mark Hearn, president and CEO of Network Control. "Our enhanced TEM audit provides just such an opportunity to quickly lower costs. It offers a granular, accurate and comprehensive way to manage what has become, for most companies, an unexpectedly distributed and complicated communications environment. You can't manage what you can't see, and our audit, improvement recommendations and ability to execute through ongoing support, gives companies the control they need over costs, usage and security."

About Network Control
For over 20 years Network Control has been a recognized leader for its US-based managed services that enable businesses to reduce and better control their voice, data, conferencing and wireless costs while improving their overall communications infrastructure. Companies have seen a six-month payback and typical ROI of 250-400% under the Network Control business model. The company has also pioneered Global TEM, a next generation services model that reflects the increased complexities of communications and its merger into the broader corporate IT infrastructure for companies with international footprints. More information can be found at

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