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February 24, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
London, UK. February 24th. Building on the successful 2005 launch of Mobile Auctions! for eBay, Moonlight Mobile has now created a mobile application that gives users instant access to all of Amazon’s products direct from their mobile phone handset.

Users can easily browse Amazon, check prices, availability, postage and buyer product ratings. At the press of a button they can add the item to their shopping basket or to their wishlist for future purchase.

“Independent research has revealed that shoppers browsing in store, often call friends or family to check price, availability and postage on Amazon before making their purchase. Now with Price Check for Amazon users can go the whole way and not only check prices, but compare all of the important information for each product before adding the item to their Shopping Basket and checking out,” says Jonathan Sendzul, CEO of Moonlight Mobile.

Price Check for Amazon takes mobile convergence with the fixed Internet to unprecedented levels – users register with an email and a Skype address - if they have one. As soon as the user hits the check-out button, an email is sent to their Inbox from Amazon’s check out page, to conclude the transaction from their desktop. The inclusion of Skype allows the system to remind the user of any incomplete transactions, via a Skype Message using Presence.

“Price Check for Amazon pushes back the boundaries of convergence,” says Sendzul. “This is completely in line with our view that the mobile phone is edging every day towards becoming the de facto centre of the Internet. With the success of our eBay application and now the launch of the Price Check for Amazon, we have proved that we have a robust, strong, valuable platform infrastructure on which we can quickly and easily integrate into large e-commerce properties to enable mobile applications.

Over the past two years, Moonlight Mobile has developed extensive skills in user/mobile interaction and bringing complex online services successfully onto mobile. Ongoing research and feedback ensures that the company integrates user patterns, habits and preferences into it's advanced technology and all of it's services.

A key component of Moonlight's server side technology is the company's modular Application Program Interface (API), which allows easy integration into any web based e-commerce property. This is not traditionally an easy task and has taken a great deal of effort to perfect.

Currently Moonlight is working with a select set of web-based e-commerce properties whose transition to a mobile commerce experience is being made possible by Moonlight's technology solution. The success of Moonlight's eBay and Amazon services has persuaded them to create similar solutions for their properties. Moonlight Mobile's ability to guarantee delivery and create compelling solutions for mobile handsetsis driving a new generation of mobile e-commerce services.

Moonlight Mobile's Mobile Auction eBay application has seen users increase their eBay shopping 5 fold. Many users have e-mailed Moonlight stories of searching, browsing and bidding on eBay items while drinking cappuccino with friends. One user even tells the story that he was able to buy a new phone on eBay while standing in the check-in line at an airport! It's that easy. Moonlight fully expects Price Check for Amazon to be just as convenient and as easy to use.

Price Check for Amazon will be available by the end of Q1 2006 and will roll out across Europe’s major countries through network operators and portals. It will be available for all of Amazon’s country sites including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France and Germany.

There will be a small one-off fee to download Price Check For Amazon. The application will be available across more than 130 jave-enabled handsets.

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Moonlight Mobile is a mobile Internet application developer and publisher of innovative web based content for Java enabled mobile phone handsets. Moonlight is well positioned to capitalise on the fast growing content market for mobile devices as a key creator and supplier of new generation and 3G content.

Moonlight works with media partners, mobile network operators, portals and other partners to create a comprehensive and responsive route to market for content. The company's goal is to provide the richest, most innovative content for the technology available within each market. Moonlight's focus and commitment to delivering the best user experience ensures that the company will remain at the forefront of the market as it becomes increasingly more mainstream.

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