RUB Medics: Art of 'Social Distancing'

May 28, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
RUB Medics send out an urgent reminder to comply with security measures during Corona pandemic by featuring the oil painting 'Social Distancing' of the well-known artist Sarena Rosenfeld, Los Angeles, USA. "The artist was inspired by an x-ray with clear signs of Covid-19 lung disease that she received from her grandson living in New York when the outbreak peaked", Prof. Dr. Arne Jensen of the Campus Clinic Gynecology at the Ruhr-University Bochum explained. "Her poignant message and the bare truth is", he continued, " that you never know whether the angel of death is the person standing right next to you - no matter what politics is telling you". "Ignoring this ongoing menace comes with a high price for society, families, loved ones, and health professionals at the forefront", he concluded," let's save lives - also those of our colleagues - by obeying the rules and keeping social distance!"

Sarena Rosenfeld - Born -1940 in New York. Education: Degree from Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles. Further studies with Joe Magnunai. Sarena Rosenfeld's parents were both Artists. Her paintings contain both fauvism and expressionist elements in a figurative setting. Her works are exhibited internationally, including Europe and Africa.

Collections (partial list):
Homart Corp - Meg Ryan, Tishman Corp Dennis Quaid, Pierce Brosnan - 20th Century Fox Studio, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Barbie Benton and George Gradow, Jeff & Luella Kanew - Indaba Films, Inc., Sy Rosen-TV Producer, Ron Bass - Screen Writer, Michael Kohn - Columbia Tri Star Studio, Center For German Expressionist Studies, Tom Whalen-Disney Corp (

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