New Avionics Whitepaper by ConsuNova: "Optimized DO-178C Strategies for Data Coupling and Control Coupling Analysis in Critical DO-178C projects."

May 28, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
San Diego, CA May 28, 2020 - ConsuNova, Inc. releases a new Whitepaper, "Optimized DO-178C Strategies for gathering, analyzing and testing of Data Coupling and Control Coupling Analysis in Critical DO-178C projects."

How to exactly satisfy the Data Coupling and Control Coupling objective in DO-178 has often been misunderstood. Part of this comes from the definition documented in the DO-178B, which did not truly reflect the concern that the objective addressed and that the objective could be satisfied by reliance on analysis without any testing. Changes in DO-178C to reflect the concern more accurately has sometimes confused the issue for many developers, and as a result, the topic has been the focus of a CAST paper and several DO-178 FAQ's.

This DO-178C whitepaper aims to explain exactly what Data Coupling and Control Coupling (DCCC) are and identify what the DO-178C Certification concern is that is behind the objective. In clarifying what the real issue is, this whitepaper will identify where in the development lifecycle the issue should be considered, what activities should be performed in order to mitigate the concern and therefore achieve the objective.

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This whitepaper will also give clear recommendations to optimize your approach to satisfy the objective that will give you a pass result, regardless of Certification Authorities.

Martin Beeby, ConsuNova Head of Advanced Avionics System, adds: "ConsuNova DO-178C Optimized Recommendations have been lectured in our trainings and deployed in many projects, providing a smooth avionics compliance path independent of any software tools. Compliance approach should be carefully chosen and implemented such that changes in certification authority, DER or CVE will not result in costly reworks. Many developers still rely on DO-178B-style of verification method to demonstrate DCCC analysis, the static analysis approach, which by definition will result in compliance failure under DO-178C, especially for systems with higher Design Assurances (DAL-A and DAL-B)."

This DO-178C technical paper will dive into the details of:
  • What is Data Coupling and Control Coupling and why?
  • Defining Data Flow and Control Flow (where and how).
  • Verifying Data Coupling and Control Coupling (Optimized methods and examples)
  • Analysis of Data Coupling and Control Coupling (relating to Requirements Based Tests)
  • Additional considerations

  • Request a copy of this DO-178C Whitepaper here:

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