Power Admin Provides Easy Access to Agentless Networking Monitoring Solutions

June 18, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Olathe, KS Specializing in simple and powerful server monitoring software applications, Power Admin is excited to provide easy access to agentless network monitoring solutions with their PA Server Monitor app, for any size organization or business in any industry.

Agentless network monitoring allows network administrators to monitor the status and health of their servers without having to constantly sit at a computer, monitoring the status of each network server or device. Another benefit of agentless monitoring is not having to install a real-time server monitoring solution on each monitored device.

The agentless feature in PA Server Monitor will do the same monitoring on target devices or servers without any required software installation. In addition, this "remote" monitoring does not require any configuration changes on the target device or server, nor does it take up additional storage space and result in another application to manage on each target device or server.

Why Businesses Need PA Server Monitor with Agentless Network Monitoring

One of the primary benefits businesses can gain with PA Server Monitor with agentless network monitoring is a single IT worker can monitor hundreds of devices and servers either from a desktop computer using the Console GUI interface or from a web interface.

Other benefits of the agentless network monitoring feature in PA Server Monitor include:

  • Monitor all Windows performance counters or SNMP objects
  • Simple-to-use console application
  • Easy and quick configuration compared to the competition
  • Get alerts with context
  • Securely monitor local and remote networks
  • Get a complete view of your disks, with proactive warnings
  • Run, view, and access reports anytime, anywhere
  • No scripts or configuration files required
  • Mobile access to data anywhere

  • Power Admin's PA Server Monitor is simple to install and easy to configure and is compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as mixed operating system environments.

    There is no complex computer code needed to use the application. To ensure potential clients can experience agentless networking monitoring, they can take advantage of the free, no-obligation, full-feature trial for 30 days.

    For further information about PA Server Monitor and agentless network monitor and Power Admin's other server monitoring software apps, or to start a 30-day trial for free, please visit the official website at www.poweradmin.com or contact a representative by phone at 1-800-401-2239 today!

    About Power Admin
    Power Admin has been developing and building professional-grade system server monitoring software, tools, and solutions for many years. Each of the company's advanced network monitoring products is used by many Fortune 500 Companies, as well as government agencies, schools, colleges, universities, and businesses of all sizes all around the world.

    Their objective is to deliver products that can make monitoring servers less stressful for businesses, with simple and easy-to-use solutions. Each product is tested extensively and updated regularly, in part to changes requested by their valued clients.

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