Privacy Bee Scrubs your Personal Data to Reduce Risk of Identity Theft

June 15, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Atlanta, GA — There is finally an answer in the fight against identity theft and the data privacy trade that doesn't involve waiting for the next great breach and playing cleanup in its aftermath.

Launching today, Privacy Bee, is the first-of-its-kind to remove users' data en masse from thousands of databases across the Internet. Securing your data and staying safe online can feel like a chore that's ever-present and never complete. Yet, consumers continue to be impacted exponentially by data breaches.

According to Experian, "in 2019, there were more than 2,000 confirmed data breaches and 4.1 billion records exposed in the first six months of the year. On average, 31% of data breach victims later have their identity stolen."

For the user, the cycle to protect their privacy is endless.

"We scrub consumers' personal information from companies' databases so it can't be sold or hacked. By limiting the number of places your personal data is stored, individuals reduce their exposure to data breaches," says Chris Worrell, Chief Privacy Officer of Privacy Bee. "It is a simple and effective way to be more secure online."

The Privacy Bee team has built the world's largest database of companies that comply with rapidly evolving privacy legislation, and created a semi-automated system that quickly goes to work deleting users' data, company-by-company, 24/7.

"It basically makes you a ghost," says Worrell. "It's the only data privacy solution that's preventative and proactive to protect you from the next massive data breach."

The current privacy laws pose a big issue for consumers. As of now, the power is in the individual's hands to force companies to comply and delete their personal information to prevent it from being resold or worse, stolen. The manual process is demanding and is a huge feat for one individual to fight the tech giants alone.

For most internet users, it's impossible to remember every website where they thoughtlessly handed over their data, usually in the form of registrations, over the past two decades.

Without Privacy Bee, the only other option, although incredibly time-consuming, is to manually opt-out of every website the consumer has ever signed up for via the "Right to be Forgotten" clause of modern privacy legislation.

Customers who sign up for the monthly Privacy Bee service will have access to an online dashboard to view the ongoing opt-out and deletion efforts submitted to countless companies on their behalf, with the status of each request, in real-time.

To stay secure, consumers must be proactive and use available tools that thwart the threat of data theft by automating the process to force companies to delete information. This is a small price to pay to prevent a massive headache in the future when the next data breach inevitably occurs.


About Privacy Bee

Privacy Bee offers consumers an opportunity to take back their privacy rights from corporations buying and selling their personal data for marketing and spam purposes. The first-of-its-kind service provides a proactive approach to fight for your privacy - serving millions of legal requests for data deletion, executing "Right to be Forgotten" clauses and continually tracking and following-up on unresponsive companies.

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