AFuzion Wins Korea's Largest 2020 Defense Contract in Worldwide Competition Through 2024

June 14, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Korea's Largest Defense Company Chooses AFuzion for Full Aviation Development Services: Training, Gap Analysis, DO-178C/DO-254 Templates/Checklists, & DER Certification. Final Decision: AFuzion wins worldwide competion among all bidders for Korea's largest defense company. SOI-1 Completed May 2020.

In an expected but still gratifying "win", Korea's largest defense company chose AFuzion from among all worldwide competitors. AFuzion's full suite of Training, Gap Analysis, DO-178C Planning Templates & Checklists, DO-254 Planning Templates & Checklists, DER Certification, and Mentoring were all selected over all competitors. Involving five other Korean suppliers, all will standardize solely on AFuzion's proven solutions: in use by over 11,000 engineers and 140 aerospace companies worldwide: more than all competitors combined.

The first "Stage Of Involvement" (SOI-1) was successfully concluded by AFuzion for all six Suppliers including Korea's largest defense company in May 2020. Big congratulations for the huge contingent of Korean engineers all increasing and proving their capabilities via AFuzion. Korea will now standard on AFuzion's DO-178C & DO-254 Planning Templates & Checklists available here: Click Here to View

A key to choosing AFuzion was the knowledge that AFuzion's DO-178C expertise is widely recognized to be #1 in the world. AFuzion's experts have certified more Avionics Systems than all other competitors combined. Also, AFuzion has the world's largest group of active senior avionics engineers and FAA Consulting DERs: Click Here for AFuzion Auditing & DER Info

Says AFuzion co-founder Chris Jackson: "The Korean market is one of the fastest growing in the world. AFuzion provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in services to Korea recently so winning this latest contract was not a surprise. AFuzion regularly hosts Korean clients at our offices in Manhattan and Los Angeles: real offices. We humorously learned that one of our "competitors" could not even host the visiting Korean team as their office was fake: simply a phone number and "desk" shared with 30 other companies. Aviation is about integrity - it took AFuzion decades to garner it's #1 reputation: having a fake office would destroy a reputation instantly and permanently."

Adds AFuzion's Jeff Stevenson: "Korea's increasing aircraft and avionics engineering experience will rely upon AFuzion's ARP4754A, DO-178C, and DO-254 expertise long in the future. Our DO-178C Introduction Whitepaper has been translated to 20+ languages including Korean - downloaded over 150 times per week here: Click Here for free paper DO-178C PDF download.

The following are common reasons clients choose AFuzion:
  • Most cost-effective solution (not always the "cheapest")
  • Most preferred training: over 25,500 engineers worldwide; more than all competitors combined
  • Largest number of senior aviation engineers in ARP4754A, ARP4761A, DO-178C, DO-254, DO-278A, and DO-326A
  • Largest and most up to date collection of proprietary whitepapers
  • Most popular DO-178C and DO-254 Planning Templates, Standards, andChecklists: in use by 10,500 engineers at 165 companies worldwide: more than all competitors combined
  • Most DO-178C and DO-254 and ARP4754A Gap Analysis: 170 total - also more than all competitors combined
  • Ability to work onsite or remotely. During Covid-19, AFuzion's business grew 70% via its proven ability to work effectively, remotely

  • For an understanding of DO-254 Avionics Hardware common mistakes taught to 700+ engineers in Korea, free download here: Click here for Free Paper DO-254 PDF Download

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