Unelko Corporation Continues its Manufacture of "Antimicrobial" Protective Coatings and Surface Care to Make Glass Corrosion, Scratch & "Microbial" Resistant

June 16, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
During the current COVID-19 pandemic, Unelko Corporation has received a number of phone calls asking if its coatings make glass "antimicrobial" and thus resistant to bacteria, viruses and other microbes. As Heather Ohlhausen from Unelko Corporation noted, the answer is a resounding "Yes."

Unelko's Invisible Shield®, Invisible Shield PRO 15 and REPEL® Glass Coating technologies provide a durable water, soil, stain and bio-film repellent "barrier" coating that not only preserves and protects glass against corrosion, scratching and pitting, it also helps prevent the adhesion and growth of bio-films and microbes. This issue is responsible for billions of dollars in lost productivity, product and capital equipment damage each year, Ohlhausen said.

As glass manufacturers are pivoting during these challenging times to focus on building barrier shields out of glass or polycarbonate that are meant to prevent the spread of bacteria, Ohlhausen said Unelko's "antimicrobial" products are ideal for treating these portable shields, which have microscopic pores that trap water, organic and inorganic soil, minerals, pollution and bio-films that contain a variety of microorganisms.

The attack of airborne pollutants, soil, stains, fingerprints, minerals and contaminants build up on glass and pose a difficult cleaning problem. The deposits, stains and films can be a "breeding ground" for a variety of microorganisms or pathogens that can cross contaminate and/or permanently damage glass.

"Protecting the interior and exterior glass, partitions, and portable protective barrier systems with Invisible Shield and REPEL Coating Technologies is very beneficial from a touch point, cleanliness and surface hygiene standpoint," Ohlhausen said, adding that Unelko's glass coatings eliminate the moisture and nutrients that are necessary for the microbes and pathogens to survive on glass and other surfaces.
"Unelko's Antimicrobials and Protective Coatings are an integral component to proper maintenance and improved surface hygiene to ensure cleaner facilities."

About Unelko Corporation:

Unelko makes no public health claim for Covid-19 or other harmful germs. There have been numerous scientific studies that have confirmed the antimicrobial benefits of coatings are an effective preventive strategy against bio-film formation and the growth of microorganisms.

Recognized as the world leader in Advanced Surface Care Technologies, Unelko has focused on the preservation, enhancement and "preventive cleaning" of residential and commercial glass and other surfaces within the Commercial Glass, Household, Marine, Janitorial, Aircraft, Solar & Automotive Categories. For more information, please visit www.unelko.com.

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Heather Ohlhausen Lyons
Unelko Corporation
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