GOTSTYLE Partners With rBux to Create an Evolved Retail Shopping Experience During COVID-19

June 17, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Toronto, ON — The global lockdown has forced businesses across the world to evolve. This has forced GOTSTYLE to find innovative ways to bring their signature shopping experience from their legendary Distillery District storefront into people's homes.

It's a challenge they have met head-on. They now offer a more evolved shopping experience, as well as fashion for the post COVID world.

The first change they have implemented is an appointment-only storefront. This allows customers to still physically browse the store, while still receiving one-on-one fashion advice from the GOTSTYLE staff. But what about the people who have to shop from home?

GOTSTYLE has also been able to take their online store and their Shopify presence to the next level with a fully interactive video shopping experience. Online visitors are guided through the store by GOTSTYLE's founder, Melissa Austria, while hyperlinked product thumbnails pop up and allow visitors to buy any items they see.

"We're doing this in partnership with rBux," said Austria.

"As I walk you through the store, different things are going to pop up that you can buy immediately. Or with rBux, you can refer them to your friends and you'll get compensated for it. So it's a new way to do online shopping."

GOTSTYLE also recognizes that their customers are no longer dressing for board meetings; they're dressing for Zoom calls. That's why GOTSTYLE is now offering comfort-focused fashion that looks professional "from the waist up." They offer jersey dress shirts that are as comfortable as your favourite t-shirt. Or you can pick out a jersey blazer that looks sharp, but is as comfortable as a sweater.


We believe that dressing well shouldn't be intimidating or elitist and strive to educate and inspire guys on dressing better, we offer different brands for different body types, concentrating on local and international brands at an opening luxury price point.

As more guys understand the importance of looking good, Gotstyle will only continue to bet bigger and better. We can't wait to be in a world where all the men are dressed better to do better!

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rBux is a patent pending online community of influencers, shoppers and sellers who are passionate about their products. rBux enables online stores to connect with their customers, and help reward customers for conversations that lead to sales. By placing a refer button on your online store, customers can share products easily with friends, and businesses can provide them with rewards when their referrals lead to sales.

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