ConsuNova releases a new Avionics Whitepaper, "Seven Avionics Principles to Optimize Systems, Hardware, and Software Development"

July 06, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
San Diego, CA July 6, 2020
ConsuNova releases a new Avionics Whitepaper, "Seven Avionics Principles to Optimize Systems, Hardware, and Software Development."

This whitepaper explains the seven principles of development that can be applied to the development of Avionics Systems and Equipment. These principles can, and should, be applied to engineering activities of any discipline including Systems (ARP 4754A), Software (DO-178C) and Hardware (DO-254). In thinking about the Principles of Development we should consider three dimensions of development and how each of the principles affects that dimension:
  • 1. The Process - The process dimension consists of the definition of the process, the execution of the process, and evidence, or data, left behind by the execution of the process.
  • 2. The Product - The product dimension consists of all the elements of the product; requirements, design, implementation, verification, etc.
  • 3. The Management - The management dimension consists of planning (or scheduling), organization, communication, and risks.

  • Considering the principles of safety-critical development and keeping safe skies, this whitepaper reminds the management and developers of the seven principles of development:
  • 1. Understand why.
  • 2. Keep it simple.
  • 3. Have a strategy.
  • 4. Change happens.
  • 5. Evolution over Revolution.
  • 6. Make Decisions.
  • 7. Think, and care about the details.

  • Request a copy of this Avionics Whitepaper here:

    Reza Madjidi, ConsuNova's CEO, adds: "Optimization in Avionics development has been the constant goal for management while achieving technological advancements in modern avionic equipments remain as the continued objective for our developers. ConsuNova performs countless Avionics Gap Analyses per year and in every one of them, our client asks "how can we gain efficiency and what are the optimal paths?" Although ConsuNova's DO-178C Gap Analysis or DO-254 Gap Analysis provide a complete Road Map, Risks and Cost Estimates, we encourage them to focus on The Process, The Product and The Management; the three dimensions of systems development that this whitepaper considers when discussing how to optimize Avionics Development."

    While complex solutions might be impressive, in general simple and elegant solutions are not only the lowest risk, but are also the most difficult to find. Consider Multi-core usage in Avionics systems and the challenges that FAA CAST-32A presents! Although traditional single-core are becoming harder to procure, but is it wise to procure a quad-core microprocessor and use all COREs? Do we really gain efficiency? Simple solutions facilitate a more easily understood and easily maintained processes, systems, and software.

    Arthur Schlesinger, one of the great American historians, said "Science and technology revolutionize our lives, but memory, tradition and myth frame our response." ConsuNova's consistent performance and tradition of excellence has optimized process and certification flow. This whitepaper returns to the principles of engineering and the traditional response to avionic technology, all while reducing costs and risks in the process.

    Tradition in avionics software and hardware starts with proper planning and standards; and marching towards those plans to meet the end goal, an aircraft function. This whitepaper carefully frames ConsuNova response and recommendations to optimize your development in any safety-critical domain, but with our own tailored focus that seemlesly applies to DO-178C, DO-254, and of course in consideration of ARP 4754A and Safety (ARP 4761).

    Request a copy of this Avionics Whitepaper here:

    ConsuNova continues to provide Optimized Solutions and effective compliance services to the aerospace and safety-critical industries.

    To learn more about Principals of DO-178C and DO-254 or ARP 4754A and ARP 4761, visit our Training Pages and sign up to our in-person or virtual Avionics Workshops at

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