New App Jury Helps Users Resolve Personal Disputes and Arguments – Available for iPhone and Android

July 19, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
One of the tried and true methods for settling a dispute between friends, relatives, and spouses is to consult a neutral third party, explain each side of the argument and listen to their opinion. Of course, finding a truly neutral person can be a challenge, and strangers are generally less than eager to listen to a random argument. And for many people, it's easy to brush off the opinion of only one person which keeps the dispute unresolved. The solution is a new app called Jury, available for iPhone and Android.

Jury provides nonbinding arbitration in a virtual courthouse. Jury is a fun way to settle any sort of conflicts such as a roommate who's always leaving their dirty dishes in the sink, or a couple deciding where to take their summer vacation. Rather than rely on a single opinion, users of the app can select six different neutral, anonymous jurors from anywhere in the world who have agreed to listen to each side of the story and then vote one way or the other. Just like an actual "trial," the Jury app allows each party to upload evidence and exhibits to support their case such as photos, document scans or pertinent emails. And also, just as in real-life, each app user will have the opportunity to serve jury duty for other users around the world.

"Jury is a more civilized solution to resolving conflict," says Jury developers Janet Genovese and Dave Hutchison. "Eliminate the yelling and bad feelings by going straight to a neutral source when a conflict arises. While we can't guarantee anyone will abide by the verdict, we can offer twelve perspectives that at least carry the weight of logic and fairness."

For more information and a demo of Jury, visit, the App Store or Google Play.

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